I looked up to see a bee hovering over me and it dropped to the ground on top of me. "I really hate bees." I thought as I saw Swag come out the house to talk to the traveler and they went inside the house. So here I am with a bee sitting on top of me. Now I know what you're thinking how come you don't just dig your way out? This isn't Minecraft, I can't dig my way out and I dropped my pickaxe. So sometime later the bee gets off of me. "Hey Fire, where have you been?" "Stuck under a bee." "Ok, anyways this Khajiiti Nerd and he said he knows how to a way to the underworld." I thought to myself we're going to the underworld. Does that mean we have to kill The Wall Of Flesh? Somehow he read my mind and answered my question. "Yep and sorry for landing on top of you earlier. "It's okay and why is the moon turning red?" My dad had spoken to me about this saying it was a blood moon. And for some reason my dog seemed more aggressive for some reason. In fact he jumped out the window and I looked outside to see him chasing a couple of Zombies. "You do know your dog is outside right?" "I can see that, Nerd." My dog jumped back through the window and brought me a Iron Crate. "Swag, what's this?" "That's an Iron Crate, Fire." Out of curiosity I opened the crate. I got a couple of red bars and I didn't know what they were so I went to Swag to ask him. "Hey Swag, what this?" "Fire you got very luck those are Adamantite Bars." I looked them up on my tablet and sure enough they could be used to make Armor. I heard a knock at the door and saw a boy who seemed to be at lest five years old. "Can I help you." "No but you can, I'm an angler and I saw your house and I decided to see if anybody was home." I looked at Swag and he mouthed see if he can sell us anything. " Do you sell things?" "I will if you can catch me a Swordfish." "And what will you give me?" "2 Gold Crates and a pair of Fin Wings." "Fire can I talk to you?" "What?" "Fin Wings can allow us to fly and if we can get those we'll all be able to fly." "So, what does that mean?" "Get him as much swordfish as you can." "Alright I'll get him some Swordfish." "Ok but I think this where the chapter ends for now." "What?"

End of Chapter 3

Verdie and Nerd actually gave me some pretty good ideas for this story via Terraria Chat

Thanks guys ;)