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    Guide won't respawn

    January 2, 2012 by Fjodorsb

    So when I was in hell to mine Hellstone for my Molten Armor, I killed a Voodoo Demon right over lava, so the Guide Voodoo Doll dropped down in the lava, the Guide died and the Wall of Flesh spawned. I wasn't ready for fighting the Wall of Flesh just then, so I used my Magic Mirror and returned home (I knew I was going to die, and I also, being a Softcore player, knew that my money that I lost when I died was going to be by my spawn point), and now my Guide won't respawn. Anyways, first thing I did was build one more suitable house for the Guide to respawn in. After waiting 5 Terraria days without him respawning, I put one Chair and Table in each of my rooms in MY large house, aswell as built another house, next to my large one. He now has …

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