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    Right now, Terraria is one of the top games on the steam market, and it continues to get more players each day. But many are wondering how this game could get any better. Well, let me tell you this, the creators of Terraria are going to be adding MANY more things in future updates, These include:

    Weather related events, such as rain, snow, floods, lightning, tornadoes, and etc.

    Earthquakes have been mentioned and so have volcanoes.

    More NPC's, and NPC quests.

    More items: slingshots, crossbows, etc

    More weapon tiers, one that was mentioned was a so called "Alien Tier"

    A "New dimension" that would require creating a portal of some sort. (Like the Nether in minecraft)

    More bosses.


    More monsters, like mimics and killer trees.

    NPC "towns" that you c…

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  • Flame423

    For those of you who have a free version of the game, You make me sick. Instead of supporting the great people that make this game, you are basically saying "F. YOU" They spend SO much time creating these games, the least you can do is pay the small price of $10.

    If you can't afford the game, get a job.

    That is all.

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  • Flame423

    Stop posting garbage about Rick Astley and Chuck Norris, Thanks

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