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I Want 1-3 Players To Play With

Hi My Name Is FlameString (not irl name) and i whould like some guys/girls to play with, im 10 years old and i have skype, my skype is "flamestring123" is u wana play with me add me on skype and type the following sections.

  • 1 girl/boy
  • 2 age
  • 3 have skype
  • 4 if u have skype, what is your name
  • 5 got experience/new to terraria (this does not effect the matter if ur able to play with me or not)
  • 6 got terraria 1.2 (this is a thing u need to have)
  • 7 can host/cant host (if u can only host with hamachi then thats fine cause i got that)
  • 8 If U Have Terraria on steam, if u do add "flamestring" on steam

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