Hey people im going to tell you people how to survive your first day on (terraria)

The First thing you spawn with is a copper pickaxe and a copper axe. The pickaxe allows you to mine pretty much anyhting like dirt,mud,stone,gold,silver,and various types of jewels. The axe pretty much explains itself. The axe is used to chop down trees and remove placed wood. The keypad has 40 spaces where you can place anything but make sure it dosen't get full because you might have to throw something away. you can change options on home menu at settings and change pretty much anything. The thing you want to do is find trees and cut them down for a starter. Then get enough wood and find a spot you are comfortable at and start building the house with wood. and when you build your house press the (ESC) key on the keypad and that opens you inventory for you. and if you have enough wood you can see you can make various amounts of wood items like the door,table,chair,sign,torches,platforms and so on. Trees also drop acorns by the way. Get 2 doors if you want a two sided house and break three wooden blocks just enough to get through and place the doors there. Then go to workbench and get wooden walls for your house and place them because at night theres monsters like the zombie and demoneye that comeout and sometimes spawn in your house if you dont have a lighting system or walls. The morning enemys consist of pretty much slime that drop gel on death. 1 gel plus 1 wood = 3 torches. Torches can be used for a lighting system to light your house up at night time so remember that. Oh and when you go to workvbench in morning and you have enough wood you can make a better sword like the wooden sword than that cheap copper shortsword they give you on the updated version. There is also the hammer which is used to break walls and crystal hearts. Crystal hearts are hearts that you find in caves they are huge and you can consume them to enhance your max life by 20. After you survive night go outside and that is pretty much it people if you have any questions ill be happy to answer them oha nd gracey if you read my post its instinctjosh so bye people.

Sincerely, josh