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    I was thinking about how to recreate golf in Terraria, and I came up with the idea of using fishing rods.

    Setting Up:

    For the hole, use a 2 block wide pool of water, 75 blocks deep (IT MUST BE THIS SIZE!!). You can use sand for bunkers, or honey blocks for the slowing effect. Since water hazards wouldn't really work, you could use lava hazards instead, but it could make for problems with the Hotline fishing rod. You could use Gemspark blocks underground to mark the tee, and put signs that say the course number and what the par is. Use green blocks for the green, or paint them. Aside from that, be creative! Have a course on a Floating Island, or in the Underworld, in the Dungeon, the Hallow, in a village, or even across an entire world!

    How To…

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  • FragBombGaming

    Well, the end of the end is here! Thank you all so much for supporting this story!

    Chapter 5: Dethroned

    Hakkar led his army through the maze of the Dungeon. They had finally completed their training and were ready to wage war. They rounded a corner and ended up back at the training room.

    "You have no idea how to get out of here, do you?" Carrch said.

    "I do know how!" Hakkar shouted back.

    "It doesn't seem like it," Carrch replied. "We've passed the training room three times now."

    Angered, Hakkar picked up Carrch and threw him through a wall again.

    He turned back and was shocked to see Samrux sitting on his throne, with the humans standing beside him!

    "What are you doing here?" Hakkar shouted. "You've brought the enemy too!"

    "I'm shutting this operat…

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  • FragBombGaming

    I've decided that this story won't be quite as long as the other two; maybe about five or six chapters. Enjoy the second part!

    Chapter 3: Banished

    Back in the Dungeon, the army was almost finished training. Carrch, looking for spare weapons, had discovered an old computer terminal. Hakkar and Samrux figured out how to use it, and a small screen flickered on, displaying an image of the entrance to the Dungeon.

    "Hmmm...I wonder why the Dungeon is on the screen?" Samrux said. Hakkar thought for a moment, and started pressing buttons at random. When none of them did anything, he smashed his fist on the buttons and caused the screen to change to a picture of a massive castle in a Mushroom Biome.

    "I did that," crowed Hakkar. "You all saw it." Samrux…

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  • FragBombGaming

    Hi! This is the third part to my Terraria Story, and in this part, the main story arc begins! Enjoy! Sorry for the smaller chapters, it's pretty early :P


    Having defeated all bosses, the heroes of Terraria - Dorvle, Minear, FragBomb and Wiln - assumed that the island was now peaceful and safe. Unfortunately, in the deepest depths of the Dungeon, an even greater evil lies, waiting for the right moment to strike...

    Chapter 1: Warmonger

    Deep in the Dungeon, the Skeletons once trapped in Limbo were released by the defeat of Plantera. Their leader, a Paladin named Commander Hakkar, watched his army train. Blue Armoured Bones practised sword fighting, Ragged Casters fired bolt after bolt of magic at targets, and Tactical Skeletons shot at m…

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  • FragBombGaming

    The final part of the second story is here, but the story's nowhere near finished yet!

    Chapter 9: Technophobia

    The massive stone monster lumbered towards them, its eyes glowing yellow. Despite its size and obvious strength, Wiln and FragBomb were reasonably confident that they could take it down. After all, they had faced far worse then a big statue. When it started spitting fireballs and launching its fists at them, Wiln and FragBomb's confidence dropped a few notches. They fired laser swords, actual swords, homing bubbles, scythes and bullets at the mechanical golem, but it seemed to have no effect on the tough armour.

    Carrch shouted over the noise of battle, "You know, this would be a lot easier if we had some gear from the dungeon!"


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