We've seen all the biomes, we've all decided our favourites, (personally: Mushroom), we've all explored our worlds and found every chest, pot and structure in it. We need more. This is where I step in. I'm no mod maker; hell, I don't have a clue on installing mods. But I (and this is me being completely modest) am incredibly creative. Just look at my 120 or so characters made in only a few years (all with backstories, full power lists, and I know all their names by heart). Anyway, I have decided on several new biomes that perhaps you modmakers could have a crack at making: A new Savannah biome, with brownish-grey grass, bendy Savannah trees made of a special wood that I haven't quite decided a name for, small patches of sand, rhinoes that charge the player, lions that have specs similar to sharks, peaceful giraffes and towering plateaus. Some sort of alternative for Hallow, like the Crimson for the corruption. Perhaps the trees could be Angelwood, and there would be Angels that aren't as friendly as one might think. Mabye this biome could have an underground like a mix between regular underground with a "core" cavern, home to the boss of this biome, the Queen Slime, a hardmode version of the King Slime. Mabye a surface Geode biome, with towering crystals instead of trees and home to Geode Zombies and Emerald Eyes. Perhaps gemstones would litter the ground here, and a boss could be a giant hand made of quartz (hey, there's already an eye and a brain!). Mabye an alternative of the Dungeon would be cool, like The Factory, a winding maze of pipes and predators. A boss would be summoned by the Cursed Worker, who's night shift has gone on a bit too long (if you know what I mean), and the boss would be called the Living Foundry, a jumble of machinery with a soul as cold as the steel it's made of! There could be new NPCs, too, like the Lost Miner found in the Geode Biome. Not to mention tons of new items, even more biomes, mobs, structures, the possibilities are endless! Post in the comments if you like these ideas or have ideas like these! PS: my first blog post :D