This is is my second blog post about the fabled Lunar Boss. Some of you on the last post were saying that my ideas for him were a bit over the top (yeah, I guess 100,000HP is a little much) so this is my new idea. After listening to the boss theme some more, I realised that there was a bit of industrial/mechanical elements in it, so my new boss is a robot now. He also is a little more subtle then my last one; he doesn't have such a dramatic entrance and isn't such a pyromaniac. Not really sure about the numbers at the moment, but this boss is different from the others: instead of outright bashing away at him 'till he's dead and buried, this fight requires a bit more brain-work, and possibly a bit more team-work too. He has two phases and three attacks: in phase one, he has a shield that cannot be penetrated by conventional weapons. The only thing that can kill this boss is itself. The first attack will involve the boss letting fly with a hail of bullets from the miniguns on his arms. You must dodge these. Then a catapult will pop up from his back and launch a huge boulder at you. You can hit them back at him, but the shield destroys it. Finally, the two rocket banks on his shoulders will launch homing missiles. These are the key to defeating this mechanical monstrosity. You must lead the missiles to follow you and then you must charge straight at the boss, pulling away at the last moment. The slow missiles will crash into the boss and damage the shield. Then it repeats. A few more hits to the shield and the shield will disappear. Then you can hit him with regular weapons, but it isn't recommended: he has loads of defense and his melee attack packs quite a punch. You can now also hit his boulders back at him, which deals huge damage, or continue leading missiles at him. Eventually, the boss's 85,000 health will be exhausted, and the boss will finally be destroyed. Remember, I'm still thinking so this post might not have too much info. I'll probably edit it in the future, but this is pretty much it now. Thanks for reading!