So, here is my opinion on the upcoming Lunar Boss. The theme I heard for it sounds epic, and therfore, the boss itself should be equally epic. Here it is: After defeating the Pumpkin Moon, Plantera, Golem, etc. until every other boss has been slaughtered, you will notice that, one night, there is an abnormal amount of Werewolves that spawn at night, even if it isn't a full moon. If it's a Blood Moon, then you are pretty much screwed with legions of Werewolves appearing. After a few nights of this madness, a message will appear saying "You notice the moon seems closer tonight..." or something along those lines, and then, the Lunar Boss arrives! But not like the other bosses - this guy will crash down from space on fire and create a large explosion on impact. He only comes down on screen, so be sure to not be near your house at that time! Anyway, he has four types of attacks: first, he pounds the ground with his fists, making tiny explosions and knocking the player in the air, taking about 50HP of fall damage, even with fall-damage-negating equipment. He will do this mabye three times, then moving to his meteorite attack. Yes, you read that right. He will spread his arms, then 3-5 meteorites will fall from the sky. Don't worry; these won't replace blocks, or destroy them. They aren't as big as the regular type, too. They do, however, deal 100HP on impact if they hit you and 50 if they don't. Then, he will spawn about 35-ish Werewolves for you to kill (or vice-versa). Finally, he will shoot glowing red super-lasers that deal about maybe 300HP with a direct hit, but if they miss, they arc around and hit you, this time dealing 150HP. He cycles through his ground-pounding attack and his laser attack until you kill him. He will have about 200,000HP, and will drop the usual hardmode boss loot: hallowed bars, potions, coins (platinum?), a unique trophy, etc. etc. He also would drop an item to summon him manually, perhaps the Icy Moon Rock (??), as well as a few weapons. (eg, a gun that shoots his lasers, mabye a flail that launches nearby enemies in the air, etc.). If anyone has an idea for his appearance, then remember to make it as epic as the theme and the battle, and he will probably be quite a bit bigger then The Pumpking. That is all. Seeya!