I was thinking about how to recreate golf in Terraria, and I came up with the idea of using fishing rods.

Setting Up:

For the hole, use a 2 block wide pool of water, 75 blocks deep (IT MUST BE THIS SIZE!!). You can use sand for bunkers, or honey blocks for the slowing effect. Since water hazards wouldn't really work, you could use lava hazards instead, but it could make for problems with the Hotline fishing rod. You could use Gemspark blocks underground to mark the tee, and put signs that say the course number and what the par is. Use green blocks for the green, or paint them. Aside from that, be creative! Have a course on a Floating Island, or in the Underworld, in the Dungeon, the Hallow, in a village, or even across an entire world!

How To Play:

Each player is given a different fishing rod and a stack of bait. That means you can have up to 8 different players. To "putt", you click to cast the line. When it lands, keep it out and walk to the bobber, then pull it in once you are standing at the bobber. Simple. Each time the bobber lands, it counts as a putt. When it lands in the hole, you have to catch a fish before you move to the next hole, which is why the hole was a specific size (see above). At the end of the whole course, someone counts up the total score. Prizes are up to you! (Examples: Coins, Metal Bars, rare fish, etc.)


No cheating! I.e. Don't reel in the line in midair, and don't lie about your score. Also, if there are lava hazards, you can't use that to cheat when using the Hotline Fishing Rod.

Anyway, that's my idea for a minigame. Thanks for reading!