I'm writing a Terraria story. It's not finished; this is the first two chapters. It still needs some fine-tuning, but I think it's pretty good so far. Enjoy.


The mysterious island of Terraria is filled with peril, but also filled with treasure. One day, a stranger named Dorvle stumbled upon the land, and decided to stay, building structures and attracting villagers. He wanted to find every last piece of loot in the land and, with his friend Minear, set off on his journey...

Chapter 1: Evil Presence

Dorvle and Minear had been mining in a cave when they discovered an old, abandoned underground house. Inside, they found a few bits of old furniture and a golden chest. These chests were rare, and the two explorers became excited. "I wonder what's in it," said Minear.

"I heard they have really cool stuff, like those Hermes Boots, or a Cloud in a Bottle," said Dorvle, "have you ever found Hermes Boots?"

"No, what do they do?" replied Minear, who wasn't as learned as his friend.

"If you wear them, they make you really fast. They can be tinkered with a few things too."

They opened the gilded box, and found some gold bars, a few coins, some glowsticks and some Climbing Claws.

"Wow, Climbing Claws!" exclaimed Dorvle excitedly. "These things are rare!" He turned to Minear. "Basically, Climbing Claws let you slide down walls. There are also Shoe Spikes, which do the same thing, and if you wear both, you can stick to walls too."

He looked around for a flat wall to demonstrate his new accessory, and found one and jumped up to it. Normally, he would just fall straight down, but now he slowly slid down the wall instead.

They took the rest of the loot, and when they took the rest of the furniture, they headed back home.

They arrived shortly, and after sorting their inventories and depositing the treasure in chests, they walked into the main building. But then Minear shuddered, and said, "I feel weird, like we're...being watched. Feels like an evil presence."

"Hmmm," said Dorvle, "I think I read somewhere that stuff like this happens after a while in Terraria."

"What does it mean?" asked Minear, with a slightly worried voice.

"Two things," replied Dorvle. "One, it's nothing. Just a bit of paranoia. Normal."

"Why am I not looking forward to Two?"

"Well," said Dorvle nervously, "Two means that something big is going to spawn very short..."

He didn't finish his explanation, because at that moment, a blood-curdling roar filled the air. Dorvle had a scared expression.


"It's the Eye of Cthulhu. Prepare yourself."

Suddenly, a colossal eyeball loomed out of the shadows and charged at the unsuspecting adventurers!

Dorvle and Minear drew their swords and leaped at the monster, swinging and slashing. The beast responded by firing smaller eyes at the team, dealing damage. The two killed the small eyes and resumed fighting the boss. They dealt enough damage to wear the monster down to half health, at which point it spun in midair, while the warriors continued dishing out huge damage. When it stopped spinning, the monster had a massive maw where its pupil was moments before, and started charging over and over at the two, but it proved to be no match for Dorvle and Minear. The two vanquished the gigantic beast, and it crashed dead to the ground, ploughing through the dirt. It dropped some Demonite ore and a trophy, which was one of its fangs mounted on a wooden plaque.

Minear whistled. "Well, that was unexpected."

Dorvle collected the dropped loot and started walking towards his house. "Come on, it's night. Let's go to sleep."

Chapter 2: FragBomb

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The Eater of Worlds was smashing its face against the hard Ebonstone wall. Normally, it would simply burrow through, but its mouth had a chain wrapped around it, keeping it shut, and its sharp teeth were shattered to a pulp anyway. The reason for this head-smashing was that its prey was on the other side of the wall. This prey would be currently dissolving in its stomach had it not thrown a grenade down its throat and mined through the ebonstone, replacing the blocks afterwards. The prey simply laughed and started throwing tons of dynamite through a gap in the wall which obliterated the cavern and the monster in it. The prey then simply walked off and hid behind a corner, waiting for an unlucky beast to come his way. He didn't have to wait long.

Dorvle and Minear were exploring the world and found the Corruption and carefully traveled down a large chasm. At the bottom, they found the remains of a very large monster strewn across the cavern, which looked like a nuclear missile had been dropped in it. "What the hell happened here?" wondered Minear, looking at the destruction. Dorvle thought for a moment, and answered, "I'm guessing that whoever was fighting this thing decided to blow it up. By the looks of it, I'd say it worked."

"So who was fighting it?"

"I don't know, but I would say he's long gone by now."

Which was when a grey blur leapt from the shadows and knocked them both to the ground, pointing a very sharp sword at them.

"State your business, stranger." said the newcomer.

This stranger was very strange looking indeed. He had long hair that stood up in large spikes, and every pixel on him was dark grey. His body seemed to reflect light, like it was made of metal, and he did not look very happy to see them.

"Uh, we weren't doing anything," said Dorvle, "we were just looking around."

"Looking for what?" asked the grey stranger.

"N-nothing in particular." stammered Minear.

The stranger sheathed his sword and said "Well, if you're planning to leave, then I would stop right there. No one leaves here alive unless they know every last thing about the Corruption. This is a dangerous place."

He helped the two up and told them to follow him. They did, and he told them a few things about the Corruption on the way. He introduced himself as FragBomb, and the two introduced themselves as well. They stopped near a scary-looking alter which the stranger pointed at and said, "These things are Demon Altars. You can craft a bunch of evil stuff at 'em, if you've got the right stuff." When Minear heard this, he decided to take the altar home with him. He drew a hammer and swung at the altar, and he was blasted back and took half his health off. FragBomb caught him and held him by the back of his collar. "Rule one of the Corruption: don't do that."