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Chapter 3: Mushrooms

FragBomb led the two explorers to his underground house.

"I don't actually live here," said FragBomb, gesturing to the small hut, "It's sort of like an outpost. I crash here when I'm in the Corruption." The hut was sparsely furnished, with only a table, chair, furnace and workbench. A small painting hung on the back wall, and a small, furry creature was snuffling around in a corner. At first, Dorvle thought it was a bunny, but then it turned around to reveal a big, pig-like snout. "What the heck is that?" he asked. FragBomb shrugged and walked towards it. "It's a guinea pig. Can't you tell?"

"Er, okay," answered Dorvle. Then he remembered something FragBomb said before. "So, if you don't live here, where do you live?"

FragBomb looked up from what he was doing, which was smelting some Demonite, and replied "In an underground mushroom biome. It isn't far from here, I can take you there if you want. All my NPCs live there."

The two explorers agreed, and FragBomb guided them through the endless maze of the Caverns to an awe-inspiring sight. Massive, glowing mushrooms sprouted from illuminant soil, and the ground was covered in a garden of glowing blue mushrooms. The entire cave was big enough to fit a dozen Eyes of Cthulhu, and it was dominated by a colossal blue castle. Multiple houses surrounded the structure, and a winding pathway cleared of shrooms led to a large doorway. The only light sources were the mushrooms themselves, and the strange blue light gave an eerie feel to the cave.

Dorvle and Minear were amazed. Dorvle gestured around the area. "This must have taken years to build!" he said to FragBomb.

FragBomb simply shrugged again and replied, "I've been on this island a long time. A year or two spent building goes by pretty quickly."

The three walked up the pathway to the castle, Dorvle and Minear still in wonder at their surroundings. FragBomb stepped on a pressure plate, and the two doors swung open. They went inside and FragBomb pointed to two houses. "I always keep some spare rooms. You can stay there 'till you find your way home."

The explorers went in the houses. They were simple enough, with just a bed, table, chair and a workbench.

They put their belongings in a chest and returned to the central area, where FragBomb was talking with a Merchant. He noticed the two of them, and finished buying things and walked to them. He handed a healing potion to Minear, who was still slightly damaged from the incident with the Demon Alter, and asked them, "Say, how much max health do you have in total? I have about 300 or 340."

Dorvle was surprised by this question. He had, of course, heard of the Life Crystals - mysterious gems found underground that gave you extra health - but he had never found them. Minear had found only one.

"Uh, I think we have about 220 in total. Why do you ask?"

FragBomb nodded, looking relieved. "Well, have you heard of the goblin army?"

Now Dorvle knew why FragBomb looked relieved. "I have."

"Well, I haven't!" said Minear. Dorvle turned to him.

"The goblin army invades once certain requirements are met. Hundreds of them arrive at once, and even more if there are people with high enough health. It is a very dangerous event."

"So, what are the requirements?"

"Well, you have to have destroyed a Shadow Orb first." FragBomb answered. "Shadow Orbs are those floating spheres I showed you in the Corruption. Then, there has to be someone with at least 200 max health. That's me."

"Also, they never invade within about seven days of another army," Dorvle continued. "That gives enough time for the victim to get all their stuff back together, but they're still disoriented by the previous attack."

Suddenly, a notification appeared that said, 'A goblin army is approaching from the east!'

FragBomb drew his Light's Bane sword, and gestured to the others to get their weapons. He ran up the stairs to a lookout tower that rose from the castle. Scanning the ground and looking at the dozens of caves that led to the island, he saw no goblins. But then he saw a shimmer of light reflected off a spiky metal surface. Looking closely, he thought he could just make out green, scaly faces...

'The goblin army has arrived!'

Chapter 4: Goblins

This isn't all that difficult, thought FragBomb, swinging his sword in one hand and firing a musket in the other. The three adventurers had begun fighting the goblins as soon as they had heard of their arrival.

Dorvle was using a Trident to hold off the goblins from entering the castle, and Minear was picking them off with an Undertaker pistol that FragBomb gave him. The giant mushrooms gave cover when they needed healing, and the constant glow prevented the goblins from concealing themselves. Also, FragBomb knew this terrain like the back of his hand, and knew exactly where the goblins would be hiding.

The battle seemed like it was in their favour, but then the Goblin Sorcerers arrived. The Sorcerers were able to teleport, so they could catch you by surprise. They didn't move around on foot much, but they fired projectiles that could pass through anything and dealt heavy damage. As if they weren't bad enough, the Goblin Warriors arrived late, and their high health and huge damage was devastating. The warriors hurled spiked balls at the three heroes, and several of them used the deadly harpoons.

Archers fired barrages of arrows behind a shield of Warriors, and Goblins Thieves crept past the battle and started attacking the castle. It seemed that the three fighters were no match for the sheer numbers of goblins, when something amazing happened.

A flash of light exploded from a cave near the roof of the cavern, they heard a roar, and then, the goblins started exploding. FragBomb realised that someone - or something - was hurling grenades at the goblins. Shocked and terrified, the remaining goblins broke cover, and with a combination of the three adventurers attacks and the unknown ally's grenades, the entire army was decimated.

Minear and Dorvle walked to FragBomb. "What the heck happened?" wondered Dorvle. Suddenly, something jumped from the cave at the roof, and someone landed with a CLANG! on their feet in front of the trio. He was wearing gleaming, silver-gold armour. He had a huge sword with the same colours, and his face was hidden by a full-face helmet. FragBomb asked him, "Who are you?"

The stranger bowed and replied, "Sir Wiln at your service."

"Erm, thanks, Wiln. I'm FragBomb, and this is Dorvle and Minear."

"Why did you throw those grenades at the goblins?"

Wiln stood up and replied, "Whenever I see a person in danger, I remove that danger."

A skeleton jumped up from behind Wiln and started to run towards him. With lightning quick reflexes, Wiln spun around, drew his massive sword and swung at the skeleton. The monster simply shattered with a single hit. The others were stunned. Usually, it took at least half a dozen hits to kill skeletons, but Wiln instantly killed it without apparant effort.

Minear touched the sword. "What is this thing made of?"

Wiln looked at him. "Ah, yes, my Excalibur. You see, I am not of this world. I come from a world far away from this, and as such, my tools and armour are of much stronger materials."

"So how did you get this stuff?"

Wiln shrugged. "Defeating bosses. Mining ores. Collecting souls. It is a lengthy process to obtain items such as these."

FragBomb was confused. "Wait, wait, wait, wait! Collecting souls? What souls?!"

Wiln looked at him. "You have much to learn."