The third part is here at last!

Chapter 5: Hive Mind

"Are we there yet?" asked Dorvle for the tenth time that morning.

"Nearly there," replied Wiln. "Just a little further."

Wiln had told the others that he had something to show them, and they started following him across biome after biome. Dorvle, Minear and FragBomb had no idea where they were going, but it was nowhere near the Mushroom Biome. Wiln hadn't told them where they were going, but he had told them to bring some healing potions and their best weapons, so they assumed that their destination was pretty dangerous.

After what seemed like ages, Wiln finally stopped. The others stopped next to him and looked up at the huge trees in front of them. Strange, exotic-looking plants covered the muddy ground, and the air seemed green. Giant trees with bright foliage and pink-red wood dominated the landscape.

"What is this place?" wondered Minear. "Is this what you wanted to show us, Wiln?" Wiln shook his head. "No. But we are very close. All we need to do is go down." And with that, he promptly walked straight into the strange area. FragBomb, Dorvle and Minear shrugged and followed him.

When they caught up with Wiln, he was staring down a large cavern. All that was visible were vines and grass. Wiln stepped into the cave, the others following along.

As they went deeper, Minear, Dorvle and FragBomb expected to see stone and ores. But they came up on a huge cavern, and the view was breathtaking.

Giant vines reached from the grassy roof to the equally grassy floor. Strange, glowing spores dotted the area, and chests were scattered across the floor. There seemed to be an alarming amount of orange bats flitting about, and strange, yellow and orange bugs were all over the place. Suddenly, some of the vines started moving about, revealing huge, razor-sharp pincers.

Several twisted trees were growing, similar to the trees on the surface. The chittering, croaking, buzzing and rustling was almost deafening, and FragBomb swore he saw a large lizard walking on its hind legs flash past in a dark corner. Wiln pointed to one of the yellow and orange bugs. "Those things are wasps. Very dangerous. They fire poisonous stingers at you and are very fast." He pointed at an area where the wasps were clustering together, moving from a strange, yellow cave. "That's a hive. There are dozens of them down here, and that's where we are going."

Dorvle was suddenly very nervous. He did not like the idea of heading into a huge swarm of deadly wasps; he would rather move very far away from it.

"Why are we going there?"

Wiln, already heading towards the hive, stopped and looked at him. "Because there's a very, very big wasp in there, and I want to see just how big it is." Dorvle was now scared. One regular-size wasp was bad enough. A 'very, very big' wasp sounded like a very, very dangerous one. But, despite his fears, Dorvle followed Wiln, and FragBomb and Minear came too.

Inside the hive, there were surprisingly little wasps, and the deep part of the hive was submerged in a sticky yellow liquid. Wiln said that this was honey, and it had extreme regenerative properties. He pointed at a strange crystal sitting upon a ledge in the hive. "That thing summons the big bee. You gotta break it first."

FragBomb, who was skilled at breaking things, eagerly climbed up the hive wall and drew his pickaxe. He looked at Wiln, who simply nodded at him. FragBomb swung his pick, and the crystal shattered. A roar echoed from deeper in the hive, and a gargantuan wasp buzzed angrily from the hive.

Dorvle gasped. This thing was huge! It was even bigger then the Eye of Cthulhu, and twice as mean. The beastly bee charged at the group again and again, then hovered above them, firing a barrage of stingers. The whole time, Wiln and FragBomb were constantly swinging their weapons and firing guns at the monster, and Dorvle and Minear were too scared to fight.

Eventually, the big bug's health was exhausted, and it fell, dead. It dropped a thin, black sword and several bottles of honey. Unfortunately, the thousands of wasps nearby seemed to be very fond of the dead boss, and angrily swarmed towards the group! The four of them decided that this was a good time to get going, and so they quickly gathered their loot and took off up the cave and back to the surface. They raced through the tall trees and made it out into the open, where the wasps were reluctant to follow.

FragBomb was the first to recover his breath. "Right, that's our boss battle for the day. What's next?"

Wiln brushed some mud from his armour. "There's an old dungeon that I wanted to check out. Let's go there."

"A dungeon?" asked Dorvle. "Please say it's close by."

Wiln looked at him. "It's not far. Just over at the other side of this island."

Chapter 6: Boneyard

By the time the weary group finally found the dungeon, it was late afternoon and they were all completely exhausted. They had been traveling for two days, stopping only for a few hours' rest at night. Dorvle glared at Wiln. "Next time you want to show us something, I'm not following you."

Wiln shrugged. The four of them walked towards the large, blue structure and found a stooped old man standing there. They were surprised; as far as they knew, they were the only people on this island, as well as their NPCs.

Wiln stepped over to the old man. "Erm, hello? Who are you?"

The old man did not reply for a while, but eventually said in a thin voice: "I am the guardian to this dungeon. I cannot let you enter until you defeat my master and lift my curse."

"So...who is your master?"

"My master cannot be summoned under the light of day, no matter how powerful you are."

Wiln shrugged and walked back to his friends and told them what the old man had said. "Whatever this old coot's master is, I think he can't be summoned at day, so we'll wait till night." Wiln said.

They waited for the sun to set, and as they walked back to the old man, Dorvle wondered aloud, "So what is this curse anyway?"

Upon hearing the word "curse", the old man's eyes suddenly cleared, then he started shaking. Strange, demonic sounds emanated from him, and suddenly, he collapsed. The group just stood there staring, surprised. Then a low rattling sound started, and from the depths of the dungeon, a massive skull with two huge skeletal arms rose from the brick floor. A deep, guttural roar echoed from the huge jaws, and the beast charged. Wiln and FragBomb instantly drew their swords, but Dorvle and Minear were, again, petrified with fear.

A huge bony arm lashed out and seized FragBomb, but he wiggled free, ran up the arm and plunged his sword straight between the eyes. The monster shrieked and started spinning violently, with the two fighters constantly dealing huge amounts of damage. The battle was a confusing jumble of swinging swords, cracking bones and a roaring skull.

Finally, as suddenly as it began, the battle was over. With one last rattling sigh, the skull imploded.

Wiln and FragBomb sheathed their weapons.

"Well," remarked FragBomb, "that was definitely unexpected."