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Chapter 7: Dungeon Crawlers

The group cautiously entered the dark, mysterious building. Wiln saw a strange blue candle, and held it to see through the darkness. They saw books and potions on various shelves. A few paintings hung on the walls, and strange, growling sounds echoed from below. They found an old wooden chest and opened it. Its contents included some glowsticks, a few potions, and a strange, sparkling gold key. They took the loot and continued down the corridor.

"So, what's the point of this place?" asked Dorvle. "Is it just a big cave made of bricks?"

A large skeleton loomed from the darkness. This wasn't a normal cavern skeleton; it had a gleaming red chestplate and two red points of light shone from its empty eye sockets. Wiln automatically drew his sword, and swung at the beast. Amazingly, it was still alive! But it was mortally wounded, and one more swing finished the creature.

Wiln looked at Dorvle. "That's the point of this place," he said, pointing at the dead skeleton, "this place is crawling with these things. And where there's extreme danger, there's awesome loot to be found."

They continued through the maze-like dungeon, fighting the occasional skeleton and finding several more golden keys. They eventually found a locked golden chest that sparkled just like the keys they found. Wiln used the key to unlock it, and inside was a long, elegant blue sword. FragBomb picked it up and tested the weight and speed. He decided to keep it.

They walked for what seemed like hours, fighting skeletons and collecting loot, until their inventories were full and they were weary from endless walking and fighting.

"Come on, let's go home." Minear said. "My inventory's full of old bones."

Chapter 8: Hell's Blazes

After they finally left the massive dungeon, the group went back to the Mushroom Biome. They started gathering resources, collecting ores, hunting monsters and exploring the caverns.

Wiln started digging a large hole near the mushrooms, and the others decided to help him. They dug straight down for ages and ages, ignoring ores, caves, large spider caves, until they were met by an awe-inspiring sight. Massive seas of magma bubbled in huge pits; huge black towers loomed from the ash; orange, fiery stones were scattered around, and demons and fire imps swarmed around.

Wiln gestured to the terrifying realm. "Welcome to hell."

They carefully ventured down, avoiding the lava pits and fighting the beasts. They took shelter in one of the ruined towers. "What are we doing here?" asked Dorvle. "It's just a big pit of lava and demons."

Wiln gazed across the barren wasteland. It certainly seemed like that. He pointed at one of the demons. It was carrying something small and limp in its claws.

"That's why we're here. That demon is carrying something we want, but if it falls in lava, then bad things will happen."

FragBomb stood up. "Well, then let's go get it!" He took off before Wiln could stop him.

FragBomb ran towards the demon, confident that he could wrench the item from its claws. He jumped from ash pile to ash pile, and leapt across a small lava lake. He drew his blue sword and jumped up to grab the demon. It struggled to shake him off and snapped its jaws at him, but FragBomb held on. In the struggle, the demon tried to claw him, but accidentally dropped the strange the pit of lava.

"NO!" Wiln screamed.

Dorvle looked at him. "What's gonna happen?"

Wiln looked at him.

"All hell is about to break loose."