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Chapter 9: Wall of Fear

FragBomb returned to the group just as a bloodcurdling roar filled the air. The entire group was suddenly irrationally terrified. Even Wiln, who knew what to expect, was scared. The four of them drew their swords, as a massive, colossal wall of flesh loomed from the darkness of hell. It spanned the entire realm, from wall to wall and roof to floor. With a loud squelch, two bloodshot eyes snapped open and stared at them. A mouth full of huge, crooked fangs ripped open and roared again. Dozens of tendrils snaked out from it and grew mouths, snapping hungrily. And it started moving. Straight towards the horrified adventurers.

Realising that their swords were useless at this range, they pulled out guns and started firing endlessly at the nightmarish beast. Unfortunately, the bullets were absorbed by the shield of the hungry mouths, and as Wiln and FragBomb continued firing, Dorvle and Minear bravely ran ahead and started slashing at the mouths to get them out of the way. All the time, the wall continued moving steadily ahead, forcing the fighters backwards.

Eventually, the mouths were destroyed, but the wall started speeding up and fired lasers from its eyes! Dorvle and Minear started firing guns as well, slowly eating away at the monster's health.

Slowly, the boss was weakening. As it got weaker, it got faster and the lasers increased in frequency and damage. But, with a long, blood chilling growl, the boss exploded. Strangely, a floating box of purple bricks was left at its point of death. FragBomb went up to it and mined into it. Inside was a large, shining hammer, a gargantuan sword, and a long rifle lined with gears. FragBomb collected the treasure and returned to the group.

"So...what happens now?" Dorvle asked.

Wiln looked at his three friends. "You have no idea what chaos you have unleashed on this world."


After the battle, FragBomb, Wiln, Minear and Dorvle went their separate ways. FragBomb returned to his Mushroom Biome, Dorvle and Minear went back to their homes on the surface, and Wiln travelled west to find a place he called the Hallow. The world was changed forever, and they would have to battle new, dangerous enemies. They all knew that their paths would cross again someday. They just had to wait until it happened.

The End.