Erm...that was quick.

Chapter 3: Heavy Metal

That night, Wiln, FragBomb, Dorvle and Minear were heading home as a strange rumbling shook the ground beneath them. They all drew their swords as the dirt in front of them imploded, and a colossal robotic worm erupted from the ground! "It's just one thing after another, isn't it?" quipped Dorvle, as the team endlessly attacked the mechanical monster. But it seemed that their swords were having no effect on the metal plating, until FragBomb had an idea. "Get back!" he shouted to the others, "I'm going to show this boss who's boss!"

He shot a grappling hook to the beasts' head and jumped up to it. He took all of his dynamite out of his inventory and threw it all down the monster's mouth. Dodging the massive teeth, he pulled out a torch and threw it into the mouth and jumped down back to his friends.

The boss started to charge towards them, but the dynamite inside it was lit by the torch and the worm was suddenly wracked by explosions. Within moments, the boss was a pile of scrap metal. It dropped some metal bars that had a similar colour to Wiln's tools and armour and some strange, glowing blue orbs, which they took.

"Well," said Minear. "That was unexpected."

They continued to walk, taking shelter in an old abandoned shack, until Dorvle shivered. "Is it just me or did the air just get colder?"

Wilns' eyes suddenly widened in fear behind his helmet. "Everyone out of the building!" he roared, pulling out his Hallowed Repeater, "NOW!"

They ran out of the old building just in time, as behind them the structure shattered into a shower of splinters. A mechanical skull had smashed through the shack in an attempt to kill them. A metallic growl echoed from the grey metal speakers, and four massive, robotic limbs floated around it. The skull dashed at FragBomb, who dodged it and thrust his sword directly between its eyes. The four arms had various weapons attached; cannons, lasers, chainsaws and vices. There seemed to be no way to defeat this thing, until...

"PING!" The metal skull suddenly dropped to the ground, a tiny hole through the steel plating. Wiln and the rest of them stared at the destroyed robot, weapons still drawn. Wiln looked closer to the hole, and judged where exactly it had come from. He looked behind the group and saw a tall skeleton holding a long rifle, the barrel still smoking from the shot.

Chapter 4: Glitched

They all stared at the skeleton as it calmly holstered its rifle and walked towards them. FragBomb, aware that skeletons were hostile, automatically drew his sword. The skeleton seemed to notice the movement and slowly raised its hands to show it was not carrying any weapons, aside from the large gun slung across its back. FragBomb hesitated. It was a skeleton, which usually meant it was trying to kill you, but it had saved them from the deadly robot. Or perhaps it was actually aiming for them and had missed.

"Hello!" said the skeleton cheerfully. "Skeletron Prime can be a bit tricky sometimes, so I helped you." He was suddenly aware that the humans were looking at him strangely. He opened his mouth to talk when a loud roar filled the night air. A massive eyeball loomed from the darkness, and then another eyeball rose from the ground, joined to the other one by a thin tendon. With lightning reflexes, the skeleton whipped out his rifle and started blasting away. The others barely had any idea of what was happening when both bosses were reduced to rubble. FragBomb was impressed.

"Who are you?" Dorvle asked. "Where did you come from?" The skeleton sighed. "I am a Skeleton Sniper, and my name is Carrch. I'm not supposed to be here, actually," he said, "I'm not even supposed to exist."

They kept walking, joined by Carrch, until they found Dorvle's home. They went inside and Carrch continued his story. "I am one of many, many monsters that reside in the deepest depths of the Dungeon. Once a certain boss has been destroyed, we are unleashed. Before that, we technically do not exist."

"Hang on," interrupted Wiln, "We went to the Dungeon and we didn't see you there. We only saw Angry Bones."

Carrch looked at him. "Like I said, we don't technically exist before this boss has been defeated. You see, the gods of the land decided that we were too dangerous to walk the earth before the inhabitants had reached a specific skill level. We were removed from the land and trapped in a dimension known as Limbo. Many unused or removed features from Terraria reside there, such as The Zapinator, and we were only allowed to return once the boss, called Plantera, is killed. I guess I just glitched out of Limbo. I roam the land, waiting for my friends to come back."

Wiln asked "So, what other kinds of monsters are there?"

"Well," replied Carrch, "there are the Armoured Bones. There are three types. Then, the casters, like Necromancers. There are Giant Cursed Skulls, and there are two Paladins-" He suddenly shut his mouth, as if he didn't want to share this particular information.

"Paladins?" Minear asked. "What Paladins?"

Carrch shook his skull. "Erm...nothing. Never mind."

"So...where do we fight this boss?" asked Wiln, changing the subject. He made a mental note to ask Carrch about this Paladin business later.

"Well, this boss is summoned differently from other bosses." Carrch replied. "We have to travel to the Jungle and destroy a special pink bulb. It appears after the three Mech bosses - The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime and The Twins - have been destroyed, which they have. And that isn't the only effect of them being killed."

Wiln asked "What else happens?"

Suddenly, as the sun was rising, a black disc rose over it. The early morning light, and the entire island, was swallowed by darkness. Strange creatures started spawning. Carrch pointed to them.

"That happens."