I'm sorry this took so long; I haven't had much time to work on it with exams at school and whatnot. Anyway, it's here now, so enjoy!

Chapter 5: Eclipsed

The five of them stepped cautiously out of the house, and every monster in sight instantly turned towards them. The monsters sprinted towards them at astonishing speeds, and Wiln, FragBomb, Carrch, Dorvle and Minear all drew their weapons. Carrch and FragBomb held them back with guns and spears, Wiln threw grenades at the enemies and Dorvle and Wiln swung their swords and flails at the creatures.

A large, one-eyed zombie riding a demon eye dashed towards them, but was quickly decimated by a shot from Carrch. A blob of sludge bubbled to them, and was killed by Wilns' grenades. It dropped an old broken sword which Carrch picked up.

"You never know when this might come in handy!" he said, shooting a large, black ghost. It dropped a big scythe, which Wiln took. A pale, cloaked being transformed into a bat and flew around, and Dorvle cut it in half.

A strange-looking zombie with bolts in its neck ran towards them, but fell from a few shots from FragBomb. It seemed like for every monster killed, another took its place. Wiln tried swinging his new scythe, and a purple blade shot out of it, destroying a large amount of monsters. Wiln stepped in front of his friends, and started swinging his scythe over and over again, decimating the army of creatures. Two more broken old swords dropped, and were picked up again by Carrch.

They fired guns down at the monsters as they started climbing up Dorvle's house, away from the swarms of beasts. Unfortunately, the strange pale creatures appeared again, turning into bats to reach the fighters. The living sludge stuck to the walls and crawled up the tower.

Carrch had an idea. "Wiln! Give me your Excalibur!" Wiln handed his sword to Carrch, who put it on one of the broken swords he collected. The sword shone a brilliant pink light, and Carrch handed it back to Wiln. Wiln swung it at the beasts with his new blade, and a pulsing pink sword fired out of the tip and destroyed the mass of creatures. He swung the blade over and over, killing every mob in his path. In seconds, every mob in sight was dead.

The sun/moon combination slowly set at the horizon, and the terrible eclipse was over.

Chapter 6: Something Fishy

The next morning, a travelling merchant arrived at Dorvle's house. He sold a gun, some clothes and food, and a strange-looking stick adorned with feathers and string. Wiln looked at the weird stick. "I think I've heard of these things somewhere. It's called a 'fishing rod'. They're pretty new, and this one is more powerful then other rods."

FragBomb walked over, holding a glowing blue worm in his hands. "Hey, I found this crazy-looking worm in my Mushroom Biome. I've never seen anything like it, do you have any idea what it does?"

Wiln scratched his head thoughtfully. "It might be bait for this fishing rod. It certainly looks like something a fish would eat."

They travelled over to the ocean where Wiln demonstrated how to use a fishing rod. "You put the bait on this hook, like this." He tied the blue worm to a hook on the string. "Then, you throw the hook into the water, and wait until the little bulb in the water bobs up and down. When it does, you reel in the line like this, and-"

He was interrupted when a loud, bubbling roar sounded, and the waves started heaving and thrashing. A massive shadow with fins and wings underwater smashed through the surface of the sea, and a gigantic green fish burst into the air. It was covered in shark-like fins, and it had a snout like a pig and large tusks. It had giant, dragon-like wings, and its black eyes narrowed as it saw the shocked people on the shore. It dashed amazingly fast towards them, but they dodged in time. It fired big bubbles at the group, and the bubbles started chasing after them! The fighters shot the bubbles, and the monster suddenly fired wheels of water at them. They hit the surface of the sea, and formed massive whirlwinds of water! The five heroes fired guns at the fishy foe, with Wiln using his new sword.

The water tornadoes started launching purple sharks at them, but they dodged the sharks and continued fighting the boss. It suddenly pulsed, and turned darker and its eyes ignited like yellow fire. It sped up and kept shooting bubbles and water wheels, and started arcing around, firing bubbles that exploded.

Dodging sharks, bubbles and tornadoes, the fighters finally destroyed the monsterous sea dweller after what seemed like forever. It dropped a strange green and blue flail and a green spellbook. Dodging the still-active shark tornadoes, the heroes collected the loot and ran back home.

When they got back to Dorvle's home, Dorvle shook his head in wonder. "If that's what happens when you go fishing, then I'm not sure if I want to do that again!"