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Chapter 7: Green Machine

"Come on!" Carrch called back to his friends. "The jungle's not far now!"

They had been heading for the jungle to find this boss that Carrch told them about. Dorvle had also combined his Night's Edge sword with another broken sword from the eclipse, and now had an upgraded version that also fired laser swords.

FragBomb had replaced his old flail with the one dropped by the giant fish monster, which fired homing bubbles and dealt heavy damage.

Wiln had combined a spare Night's Edge sword with a broken sword too, then combined both of his swords and a broken sword to create a massive, glowing green blade. They had decided that they were well prepared for whatever this boss could throw at them, which was why they were currently approaching the jungle.

When they finally arrived, the sight of the massive trees seemed to make Carrch even more impatient, and he started hurrying towards a jungle cave. When his friends caught up with him, he was deep underground staring at a large, glowing pink bulb. Carrch reached into his backpack to get a pickaxe, but realised that he had never actually crafted a pickaxe. Minear drew his pick, but Carrch said, "I can do it faster!" and snatched Minear's pick and smashed the bulb. An almighty roar shook the jungle, and a gargantuan pink bulb emerged from the shadows, attached to three equally huge vines which it used to grapple around the jungle. It charged at the five heroes, and the battle began.

Wiln and Dorvle swung their swords at the beast, firing green and pink lasers. FragBomb used his new flail, hitting the massive plant and shooting bubbles that homed in on it. Minear used his Titanium sword to chop at the creature, and Carrch fired round after round at Plantera. After a while, the pink bulb shattered, revealing a massive jaw lined with razor-sharp teeth. Several smaller mouths attached to vines grew out of the boss, snapping at the fighters. Eventually, dealing massive amounts of damage, Plantera finally wilted and fell. It dropped a large gun, some rockets, and a strange brown key.

FragBomb, Wiln, Minear and Dorvle were exhausted, bruised and battered. It had been unlike any battle they had fought. However, Carrch was exhilarated, and let out a loud whoop. "Well, that was definitely something!" he said cheerfully. Wiln was about to reply when a blood chilling scream echoed from the surface. Carrch cocked his skull as he listened to the frightening sound. "Y'know what would be a good idea?" he said. "Let's go to the Dungeon."

But Wiln was distracted by something. He walked over to the loot that Plantera had dropped and picked up the key. "What do you think this is?"

Carrch shook his skull. "Not a clue. But I do know that we should probably go to the Dungeon."

FragBomb walked over to Wiln. "I think I remember seeing some weird lizards in the jungle last time. Maybe it has something to do with them?"

Carrch was impatient. "Forget the stupid key. Let's go to the Dungeon!"

Wiln shook his head. "The Dungeon can wait. For now, let's find out what this key unlocks."

Chapter 8: Temple Run

They explored through the jungle in search of the strange lizards. FragBomb was leading the way, looking for the reptiles, Wiln was studying the mysterious key, and Carrch was muttering on about the Dungeon. Suddenly, a green blur leapt from the shadows and started attacking them, but it was no match for Wiln's Terra Blade. The dead creature looked just like the lizards FragBomb had seen, so they went to the shadows that the lizard had come from.

They found a dark corridor made of brown, mossy bricks. At the end of the corridor, there was a large door with an image of a sun engraved on it. FragBomb stepped forward, but was stopped by Wiln. He pointed to a small pressure plate that FragBomb was about to step on. Wiln picked up a small rock and tossed it on the plate. Sure enough, four massive spikes crashed down and smashed the rock. Cautiously, the group continued towards the door. Wiln picked up some more rocks just in case. FragBomb took the key and put it in the locked door and turned it. The lock - and the key - both disintegrated, and the door creaked open.

They went inside and found a strange looking chest. They opened it, and found a strange, glowing power capsule, which they took. As they went deeper in the strange temple, they found and fought dozens upon dozens of lizards, as well as strange snakes with wings. Some lizards dropped more power cells, and they found more chests with loot.

Strangely, they could see multiple signs of primitive civilisation, such as crude furniture and the deadly traps. They found traps that drop spiked balls, shot fire, and launched massive darts. They even found some mechanical items, like large clocks and pianos, and even bookcases. Several parts of the temple were broken or collapsed. The bricks were very durable, as even Wiln's strong tools could not break it. They saw several images of a strange stone figure, and images of suns. They eventually reached a massive room in the temple, with many chests and a strange altar in the centre. Several gigantic statues were on the far side of the room, which resembled some of the sketches on the walls. FragBomb walked over to the altar, and a crude sketch of one of the power cells was scrawled above a slot on the altar. FragBomb, wondering what it would do, inserted one of the cells in the slot.

Instantly, every lizard in the area stared at the altar. An image of a glowing yellow sun was projected above it, and one of the large statues suddenly shuddered. Several lights turned on, and its eyes started glowing brightly.

Amazingly, it moved from its position, and the eyes focused on the unfamiliar people in front of it. Its mouth opened and roared loudly.

The Golem had awoken.