It's back! A new story that follows the adventures of Dorvle, Minear, FragBomb and Wiln in Hardmode! Enjoy the first two chapters. :)


The island of Terraria had always been dangerous. But due to the actions of the four heroes Dorvle, Minear, FragBomb and Wiln, the land was infinitely more deadly. Strange, aggressive monsters rose from the darkest depths of hell and spread across the land. Other things were also spreading: the shadowy Corruption began to slowly eat away at the world, and a new land known as the Hallow was created to counter the dark Corruption. The world was changed forever, and a new adventure begins...

Chapter 1: Smashy Smashy

Someone knocked on Dorvle's front door. Dorvle stepped over and opened the door to see FragBomb holding a massive hammer. "I need to show you something," he said quickly, "Follow me!" Dorvle followed FragBomb until they came up on the dark, purple wasteland of the Corruption. When Dorvle saw this, he backed up and said, "Oh, no, no, I'm not going in there! It was bad enough in Normal Mode."

FragBomb shook his head. "It's alright. Wiln and Minear are already there, and what I'm going to show you is going to be awesome. Now come on!"

Reluctantly, Dorvle followed FragBomb down one of the deep chasms of the Corruption. This cave seemed strangely familiar, and as they entered it, Dorvle remembered that this was the exact cave that he and Minear had first met FragBomb. The cavern was still in ruins from FragBomb's explosive battle with the Eater of Worlds, and Minear and Wiln were sitting around a demon altar. The same altar, Dorvle recalled, that almost killed Minear a long time ago. FragBomb walked over to the altar and Wiln stood up. "Took you long enough." he said gruffly. "What do you want to show us?"

FragBomb stepped closer to the altar and took out a large gleaming hammer. "You all remember this thing, right?" The others nodded. The Wall of Flesh had dropped that hammer, among other things. "I did some research, " FragBomb continued, "and apparently, this thing is called a Pwnhammer and it can actually break demon altars!"

He proceeded to swing the hammer into the altar. Usually, he would be thrown back and reduced to half health, and the altar would be unaffected. But this time, the powerful hammer smashed the altar into a million pieces!

Stunned, the others heard a strange echo through the caverns that whispered, "The land has been blessed with Palladium..."

They were all confused, except for Wiln. Dorvle wondered "What's Palladium?"

Wiln looked around the cavern. "It's a very powerful mineral. It is bright orange, so it stands out from the grey stone." Minear looked around, and saw a small orange glow from behind a large ebonstone boulder. He stepped over to it, and found a large deposit of bright orange ore. He called over to Wiln, who said that this was Palladium ore. They both started mining the precious mineral, while FragBomb and Dorvle continued to smash Demon Altars. According to the echoes that occurred with each destroyed altar, the land was being blessed with three different ores: Palladium, Mythril and Titanium. After breaking about ten or twenty altars, they decided to head back home. They had a lot of mining to do.

Chapter 2: Spelunkathon

The next day, the four of them went down a large cave near FragBomb's Mushroom Biome, and started looking for the mysterious ores. Wiln told them that, of the three ores, Titanium was the most powerful, but required an equally powerful tool to collect it. "These new ores can be forged into pickaxes, like the older ores, but they are so powerful they can be forged into the more powerful drills," he said. "We can mine Palladium with these Molten Pickaxes, but we need stronger tools to mine Mythril and Titanium. Mythril can also be forged into a stronger anvil to craft many Hardmode items. Likewise, Titanium can be turned into a better furnace."

As they went deeper, they noticed several changes to the underground. The cave bats had grown to be huge, and the skeletons now wore armour, and were much stronger. The worms that burrowed through the stone had grown massive too, and several skeletons wielded bows and arrows. A massive, dark green slime popped up, and it had a huge grin with large, slimy teeth. FragBomb tried to kill it, but it was too strong for his sword, so Wiln killed it.

Wiln said, "These creatures are the result of entering Hardmode. They are extremely strong. So we must be stronger, which is why we are collecting these ores."

FragBomb had brought an anvil and a Hellforge so they could smelt the ore they gathered and forge it into tools. After gathering enough Palladium for a pickaxe each, they started mining Mythril to make the better anvil and made Mythril tools. But when they started mining Titanium, they found that they couldn't smelt it. Wiln combined the Hellforge and the ore to make a Titanium Forge, so they could smelt the bars of Titanium.

They made Titanium tools and started to make armour and weapons from the leftover bars. Dorvle chose Mythril gear, Minear made Palladium items and FragBomb crafted Titanium gear. Wiln kept his Hallowed items.

As they went deeper, the stone seemed to change colour to a pale pink. The water turned pink as well, and strange, multicoloured crystals sprouted from the rocks.

They could see a golden chest in a large cave nearby. Minear went to open it, but was stopped by Wiln. "Some of the most dangerous creatures in early Hardmode are Mimics." said Wiln. "They disguise themselves as chests to fool miners, then they attack when the miner tries to open them. Be very cautious."

Minear carefully stepped over to the suspicious box, and sure enough, it opened to reveal long, sharp teeth. It lunged at Minear, chasing him around the cave. Suddenly, it stopped and collapsed, dead. A tiny hole was drilled through its head. Minear looked at Wiln, who was holding a large, hallowed crossbow. He had shot the Mimic with pinpoint accuracy straight through the head. The dead creature disappeared in a puff of smoke, and a strange blue glove was lying on the ground where it died. Minear picked it up and went back to the others.

Wiln gestured back up the cave. "I think that's enough mining for one day. Let's go home."