Hi! This is the third part to my Terraria Story, and in this part, the main story arc begins! Enjoy! Sorry for the smaller chapters, it's pretty early :P


Having defeated all bosses, the heroes of Terraria - Dorvle, Minear, FragBomb and Wiln - assumed that the island was now peaceful and safe. Unfortunately, in the deepest depths of the Dungeon, an even greater evil lies, waiting for the right moment to strike...

Chapter 1: Warmonger

Deep in the Dungeon, the Skeletons once trapped in Limbo were released by the defeat of Plantera. Their leader, a Paladin named Commander Hakkar, watched his army train. Blue Armoured Bones practised sword fighting, Ragged Casters fired bolt after bolt of magic at targets, and Tactical Skeletons shot at moving targets. His army was nearly ready to be unleashed upon the land, and he would take over as King.

At his left hand side, the Skeleton Sniper called Lieutenant Carrch stood, watching the training session. At the other side, Hakkar's second-in-command Major Samrux stood, also a Paladin. While Hakkar was a full Paladin - a living suit of armour - Samrux still had the body of a human. He hadn't died and been resurrected yet, but he was still a Paladin.

Hakkar and Carrch were eagerly awaiting the upcoming war, but Samrux had his doubts. "Are you sure about this?" he asked Hakkar. "From what Carrch's told us, these people we will be fighting sound pretty well geared."

Hakkar shook his head. "I've told you this a million times, Samrux," he sighed. "They may be 'well geared', but we have strength in numbers and as individuals. They may take down some of our numbers, but they will crumple against this army."


Hakkar leaned towards him. "I will say this one more time," he said in a dangerously low voice, "this army is going to win this war. There will be no failures. There will be no pacifism. And there will be. No. Arguments. Understand?"

Samrux sighed. "Yes sir." There was no way to convince Hakkar. The only way he knew how to solve things was with a big hammer.

"Good." Hakkar grunted. "But if I hear another argument from you, I'll kick you out of this Dungeon so fast it'll leave a dent in your armour."

They continued watching the army train, the sounds of swords, bolts and bullets ringing through the structure.

Chapter 2: Going Up

"What the heck is this?" Dorvle asked.

He, Minear and FragBomb were all staring confused at a seemingly random assortment of wires and teleporters that Wiln was building in front of them.

"That's a good question," said FragBomb. "What the heck are you building?"

"It's an awesome machine I came up with." Wiln replied, placing the last wire. "Step on that teleporter, Minear." he said, gesturing to one of the devices. Gingerly, Minear stepped on the teleporter, and fizzled away. He hadn't even reappeared on another teleporter, he was simply gone. Dorvle was worried about his best friend. "Where did he go?" Dorvle asked Wiln. "Where's Minear?"

Wiln simply grinned and pointed up. They all looked up and were shocked to see a massive island, floating just below the clouds.

"Where the heck did that come from?!" FragBomb exclaimed. "I've never seen that before, and I know this island like the back of my hand!"

Wiln was still grinning. "Obviously you don't. Now come on, let's go up."

As they all stepped on the teleporters, Dorvle noticed something. "Hey, where'd Carrch go?" Wiln shrugged. "I'm sure he'll show up somewhere."

They all teleported up to the island. There, they saw a gigantic house made of gleaming yellow blocks. It was massive; it even dwarfed FragBomb's house in the Mushroom Biome. Wiln gestured for them to go inside, where they found Minear. They walked over to him. "What is this place?" Minear wondered. "Where are we?" Wiln waved his hands around the large castle.

"Welcome to my house."