I've decided that this story won't be quite as long as the other two; maybe about five or six chapters. Enjoy the second part!

Chapter 3: Banished

Back in the Dungeon, the army was almost finished training. Carrch, looking for spare weapons, had discovered an old computer terminal. Hakkar and Samrux figured out how to use it, and a small screen flickered on, displaying an image of the entrance to the Dungeon.

"Hmmm...I wonder why the Dungeon is on the screen?" Samrux said. Hakkar thought for a moment, and started pressing buttons at random. When none of them did anything, he smashed his fist on the buttons and caused the screen to change to a picture of a massive castle in a Mushroom Biome.

"I did that," crowed Hakkar. "You all saw it." Samrux sighed. Hakkar was a skilled tactician, but he was as technologically minded as a slime.

Hakkar pressed the button some more. An image of a purple chasm appeared on the screen, then a forest of multicoloured trees, then a vast desert.

Carrch, watching the screen, pushed in front of Hakkar saying "I want to push a button!" Hakkar stumbled from the push. Angered, he picked up Carrch and casually threw him through the wall into the training area.

"No one pushes me." he muttered, and resumed pushing the button. When an image of a yellow castle on a floating island appeared, he stopped pushing. One look told Hakkar, Samrux and Carrch that that castle was where their opponents were.

Samrux, looking at the image, spoke to Hakkar. "Sir...I've been thinking..."

"Always a problem," muttered Hakkar under his breath. "What did you think about?"

"Well...about this war..."

"Yes?" Hakkar said suspiciously.

"Well, why exactly are we fighting these people?"

"They have invaded this land. Land that is rightfully ours." Hakkar replied firmly, leaving no doubt that the conversation should end there.

"Well," Samrux continued, "it isn't actually our land, and technically they were here before us..."

Hakkar slammed his fist on the terminal. "That's it! I've had enough of you trying to avoid this war!" he shouted. "You are out of this army! Get out of my sight and get out of my dungeon!"

Samrux sighed. With one last glance at the castle on the screen, he left.

Chapter 4: Pixel Pirates

Dorvle was still amazed at the sheer size of Wiln's castle. He walked upstairs, and saw more stairs. "Say, Wiln," he called downstairs, "how many stories is this house?"

Wiln thought for a moment. "To be honest, I'm not quite sure. I haven't seen the whole house for years."

Minear went outside and realised how high up they were. "The view is amazing! I can even see those pirates all the way at the ocean."

Wiln glanced at him. "Pirates? What pirates?" He walked over to Minear and peered over the edge. Indeed, there was a massive army of pirates marching across the land, with several more boats still approaching.

"This is bad," Wiln muttered. "This is very, very bad." He walked over to the teleporter that led to the surface. FragBomb, Dorvle and Minear followed him.

They travelled down and found that the pirates were much closer then they first appeared. The two nearest pirates dropped the golden toilet they were carrying in surprise. Then they attacked.

FragBomb was reminded by the invasion of the Goblin Army. But this was much, much harder. Pirates swarmed from all directions, even the air was filled with colourful screeching parrots.

Suddenly, a loud ringing CRASH! echoed through the air. And then another, and then another. Pirates were yelling in fear and retreating. Wiln, FragBomb, Dorvle and Minear, confused by the sudden turn of events, were shocked when they saw a tall armoured warrior beating the snot out of the pirates. After a few minutes, the pirates turned and ran.

The warrior walked towards them. He was at least two and a half metres tall, and he looked very serious.

"Hello. My name is Samrux, I'm a Paladin from the Dungeon."

"Paladin?" The word rang a bell in Wiln's mind.

"Yes." Samrux said. "I'm actually supposed to be doing to you what I just did to those Pirates, but I've been fired by Hakkar and I want to help you."

"Sorry for interrupting," said FragBomb, "but what the hell are you talking about?"

Samrux looked at him. "It's a long story."

FragBomb groaned. There seemed to be a lot of 'long stories' lately.