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Chapter 5: Dethroned

Hakkar led his army through the maze of the Dungeon. They had finally completed their training and were ready to wage war. They rounded a corner and ended up back at the training room.

"You have no idea how to get out of here, do you?" Carrch said.

"I do know how!" Hakkar shouted back.

"It doesn't seem like it," Carrch replied. "We've passed the training room three times now."

Angered, Hakkar picked up Carrch and threw him through a wall again.

He turned back and was shocked to see Samrux sitting on his throne, with the humans standing beside him!

"What are you doing here?" Hakkar shouted. "You've brought the enemy too!"

"I'm shutting this operation down." Samrux replied. "There won't be any war. Now get out of my Dungeon."

"YOUR Dungeon?!" Hakkar spluttered. "This is MY Dungeon! I'll die before I leave!"

Samrux shrugged. "Suit yourself." He clicked his fingers, and the entire army turned to Hakkar.

"Kill him."

"What are you idiots doing?" Hakkar shouted. "Attack them!"

Samrux shook his head. "They answer to my commands too, Hakkar. And they carry out any order before answering another; you told them to yourself."

The entire five thousand strong army advanced towards their former commander, weapons raised. Then they attacked.

To Hakkar's credit, he didn't go down quickly. He swung his hammer at his own soldiers, beating them back. But he went down under the sheer number of skeletons. Blue Armoured Bones broke his armour, Ragged Casters blinded him, Tactical Skeletons fired round after round at him, and Giant Skulls breathed lasers at him. Then, with an almighty roar, Hakkar smashed his way through the skeletons, sending them flying.

He charged at Samrux, but was stopped by Wiln, FragBomb, Dorvle and Minear, who swung their weapons at him. Wiln cut a massive hole in one of Hakkar's shoulders, FragBomb lobbed a grenade into the Paladin's helmet, Dorvle's gun left holes in the armour and Minear sliced away at him. But Hakkar seemed unfazed by this attack, determined to kill Samrux. He knocked the humans aside, knocking them out cold, and threw a punch that carried Samrux off the throne and into the wall. Enraged, Hakkar raised his hammer above his head. "I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago!"

But suddenly, a loud PING! caused Hakkar to freeze. With a long groan, he fell to his knees, and collapsed dead. Carrch was standing behind him, his sniper rifle raised.

"Why did you kill your commander?" Samrux said, confused.

Carrch shrugged. "Hey, I'll happily join any team where I don't get thrown through walls all the time."


Wiln, FragBomb, Dorvle and Minear had recovered from Hakkar's attack. "He won't be leading any more armies now," said Samrux.

"Glad to hear it," replied Wiln, "as long as you aren't either."



"Joking!" Samrux said. "I was joking."

"Hmm. Good."

But they were all relieved that the land of Terraria was finally safe, once and for all.

The End.

For real this time.