So, I have been playing a lot of Terraria on my iPad, and I have found evidence of Hardmode and Console-exclusive stuff. First of all, the Console stuff: On my first Dungeon run, I got cornered by those Cursed Dragon Skulls. Then, on a server, I saw a guy with a Tizona sword! Also, I have seen lots of Cabbages in chests, too. And as for Hardmode: (note: all of this was seen on multiplayer) Firstly, the aforementioned Tizona, both Console and Hardmode. Then, I saw someone wearing Hallowed armour, greifing the s**t out of a world with a Hamdrax! Then, someone came up to me on a floating island with Angel Wings and killed me with an Excalibur. So, is there Hardmode on iOS, and is it based more on Console then computer? Comment below saying your opinion or if you have seen similar evidence!