Hello fellow Terrarians. I just started Terraria 3 months ago and I'm enjoying it very much. This blog is created to show my work in progress. I'm currently making a giant tree that stretches from the ground at 80ft all the way to space. Also in the same world, a floating continent that will be half as wide as a large world. The giant tree will 'pierce' through the continent thus anchoring it to the land. These two construction will be my groundwork for other projects, which will start once I've finished with the two, or at least once I've made substantial progress with them. Though some would probably put up only finished works, I made this blog as a sort of motivator for myself as well. I will try to keep this updated as I work my way through my construction. Thank you for taking your time reading this.

Also, credits to SlayerOfTheBad and Lone Kitteh for helping me dig the trench. Couldn't have done it without the dynamites.