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  • Fruipit

    This wiki.... is confusing

    December 5, 2013 by Fruipit

    Now, I know, from my previous (and current) wiki'ing experience, that blogs aren't to be used to introduce oneself to the community in which they find themselves. That being said, I feel it's somewhat necessary.

    I come from Avatar Wiki, and I'm very comfortable and confident in my role there. Here? Not so much. In the space of, oh, six hours, I feel as though I've already messed up horrifically. That is likely due to one main thing; this wiki is so different to Avatar Wiki. Already, I've noticed several discrepancies within this wiki itself - nothing to do with AW. Now, I'm not going to bag on this one, because I haven't been here long enough - also, I like it, and it will probably come in handy for a newbie like myself. However, the origin…

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