Now, I know, from my previous (and current) wiki'ing experience, that blogs aren't to be used to introduce oneself to the community in which they find themselves. That being said, I feel it's somewhat necessary.

I come from Avatar Wiki, and I'm very comfortable and confident in my role there. Here? Not so much. In the space of, oh, six hours, I feel as though I've already messed up horrifically. That is likely due to one main thing; this wiki is so different to Avatar Wiki. Already, I've noticed several discrepancies within this wiki itself - nothing to do with AW. Now, I'm not going to bag on this one, because I haven't been here long enough - also, I like it, and it will probably come in handy for a newbie like myself. However, the original point is that wiki is confusing, and it is. There are policies that aren't being followed, by those who especially should be following them. Three of the thirteen administrators are inactive, one being a bureaucrat as well, and some things just plain don't make sense, like having pages with only one line. That doesn't help me at all figure out how to play the game.

So, I've made it a mission of mine to get to know this wiki. There are, at the very least, formatting issues I can resolve. And getting to know how to use the talk page. I hope to be a positive contributor in the future, but I feel that the only way I'll learn will be from my mistakes. I just hope people actually talk to me when I do something wrong, and not get annoyed. I'm following policies set out by AW, generally, and I find the lack of some things, such as putting licensing and sources on images, to be quite disconcerting.

So, help me :)
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