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Hard Mode Boss Fights: Round 2!

Hello again, everyone! Today's event will be Skeleton prime! We will fight Skeletron Prime 3 times! If you are new to this, or wasnt on yesterday, go here. The rules and conditions still apply. Go here to see how to get on my server! Or, you can e-mail me at

The fight will be at exactly 2:30 P.M. Los Angles Time. (Google "Time Converter" to check what it is in your time zone.) Be sure not to miss it! All earlycomers will recieve a gift from me, 1 platinum! Be sure to be there!


New note: My server will be open all day(until the fight)! If you want to come, do it now!

Note: I'm Terribly sorry to say, but the fight for Round 2 will be postponed to tomorrow. Sorry. The server will be open until 11:00 today if you wish to still join. :(

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