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  • Geroken777

    Ok the easter egg is Ocram. Spell it Backwards reading as Marco. Marco is one of the PS/XBOX terraria developers. His full name is Marco Airarret.

    What do you think about this easter egg?

    Is it cool or..?

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  • Geroken777

    Lunar Boss

    February 15, 2014 by Geroken777

    What i think about Lunar boss is UFO. a huge UFO that is spawning aliens with S.D.M.G's. an alien has 5% to drop an S.D.M.G.

    Space parts: (the UFO will drop one of those)

    Rocket Engine (25%)

    Space Glass (25%)

    Gravity Machine (25%)

    Space Turbo (25%)

    Can drop also:

    UFO trophy

    S.D.M.G 40%

    70% Ray Gun

    Golden Cog (Summons a robot pet that will fight for you) 15%

    40-70 souls of flight 100%

    30-40 Space Ingots.


    With Rocket Engine, Space Glass, Gravity Machine, Space Turbo, 40 Space Ingots and 50 souls of flight you can make a small space ship. With this space ship you can travel to Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune.

    10 Space Ingots + 20 souls of flight = Robot Wings


    To summon UFO you will need Mechanical skull, Mechanical Eye, Shadow O…

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