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A terraria adventure chapter: 4

... I started to run, run as far as I could until my legs hurt, I sat down and looked behind me, they were there standing in the house only about 20 yards away. "How strange I've been running for ages yet I'm so close to the house," I started to run again, after a couple of minutes I look back,"surprise!" Shouted buggsy as he smashed is hammer on my skull, "you don't eat with us, we eat you, ha ha ha." He then carries me into the house and puts me onto the table.  "AHHHHHH!" I scream as I wake up, "what's wrong?" Asked Ann, I then push her into the wall and cower in a corner, "hey don't push me, it's ok everything's ok, it was a dream," she says beautifully, I then fully wake up from my nightmare and kiss Ann on the cheek, "thanks for calming me down, Ann" I say in a tired voice, "Guess who's home? Chaotic," boomed buggsy. We all started a big feast and hugged chaotic, but none of us saw the wizard in the dark...