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A terraria adventure chapter: three

...We started sprinting as fast as we could to get to the jungle, "ok so we're at the jungle, milo go left, Ann go right, I'll go Down" commanded buggsy so we both listened to him and went in our own directions. As I was walking I noticed something strange about the moon and the rain, they were red, but I kept walking and then about 20 zombies appeared so I used my muramasa on them, "hmm, that was odd," I thought to myself. But then another swarm of zombies came, this time being led by what looked like a groom and some giant hornets I switched to my daggers and stabbed all of the zombies, this left a groom and around 7 giant hornets. I stabbed the groom continuously until it died I then tried hitting the giant hornets but they were too quick, they then started to shoot stingers at me, "I don't fweel twoo twoo gwood, wann hwelp! I weed swome shell!" I moaned and fainted. I then waik up at base, "where's-*sick noise*-buggsy?" I say feeling really sick I then look around and I see everyone cheering, "chaotic?" I say whilst standing myself up, but It wasn't what I expected chaotic was laying on the tablet with his guts ripped out, "want to join the feast, milo?" Says Ann with a creepy cackling voice, "no no no, this a dream," I say in horror. Or is it?...