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Aterraria adventure chapter: 2

..."uuuh guys, where's chaotic?" Everybody looked around but we couldn't find him. We all sat down in silence for what felt like hours, and then buggsy said "let's go home and get prepared for the dungeon." So we all walked home killing everything in our way, "hey guys how's every-" started the guide, the guide obviously new what was wrong, I think that's one of his specialties. I gave everyone the cobalt shields, buggsy the magic missile, Ann the key and pistol and myself the Muramasa. We all set off to the dungeon to find chaotic,"WAIT!" Shouted the guide I've got you gifts," so we all came back to the guide, "here two heart crystals for each of you it makes you stronger and harder to kill and five mana crystals, these will let you use magic weapons but be careful not to use it too much, it will hurt you." And then we all went to the dungeon eager to find chaotic, we finally reached the dungeon, "let's do this!" Exclaimed buggsy so we all jumped into the dungeon. Loads of skeletons popped up but buggsy just imploded them with his magic missile, next a bunch of dark casters appeared but Ann shot off their heads with her pistol, "HELP!" screamed a voice, "we're coming chaotic!" Shouted buggsy "that didn't sound like chaotic, did I it?" I asked. We find the body tied up so I use my shorter, dagger like demon swords to cut the rope, "thank you, my name is Marcus the wizard." Said the man, "wait this isn't chaotic!" Shouted buggsy in frustration, "ah you must be buggsy, chaotic spoke a lot about you," said Marcus, "chaotic was here? Where is he going? Where is he?" Asked buggsy, "yes, jungle, I don't know," said the wizard in a calm and understandable voice, "ok we'll go to the jungle buggsy carry the wizard to our base," I said. So off to the jungle we go...


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