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a terraria adventure chapter: 6

Ann felt the ground rumble and a shiver went down her spine, but before she could say anything the floor burst open as a giant worm shot up eating all of the dead bodies. "Run the hell away from that, thing!" Shouted buggsy but before we all could the worm dug into us, making us all fly away from each other, when the worm dug underground i decided to slice at it but that was not a good idea. The worm split in two and they dug towards me, biting at my legs, making me scream and fall over but before it could devour me ann shot at it with her bow splitting in half again. The worms were now going for her now but she ran and she was so fast she could even out-run the worm but she got slower and slower until the worm caught up with her and bit her stomach. Buggsy smashed the ground, making the worm come out of the ground, the worm started wriggling on the earth and chaotic threw his axes at it destroying 1 of the worms. The three worms dug towards buggsy and chaotic making them both fall over, we were all doomed, but then a women came and shot magic at them destroying and completely making them dissapear,"who are you?" We all asked, "I am Veridie, Im a priestess, and you are?" She said in a calm and loving life, "I am milo, these people are, buggsy, chaotic and ann" I said to her...