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  • Giraffupus

    Terraria Challenge

    January 28, 2012 by Giraffupus

    Okay guys. so I've officially gotten every item in the game as of like a week ago. I thought to myself, what now? I looked around for terraria variations on play and didn't find a lot (outside of mods, but i don't wont to bother with mods until they are more or less done updating the actual terraria releases) So I started pondering about a leveling system in which the amount of gold you had indicated your level.

    Obvious problems became keeping track of your level if you had to spend any money. So here's my idea. I made the flash that I have uploadedhere. Create a new world and place a piggy bank in it. Start a new character and everytime you place money in the piggy bank, place the same amount in the terraria challenge flash. It's a very si…

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  • Giraffupus

    Secret tunnels!?

    January 3, 2012 by Giraffupus

    Alright so maybe I'm just a little slow on the uptake on this one but I was creating a house for a new character from stuff from some of my other characters, ya know, so he would be born with a silver spoon so to speak, when the idea dawned on me... I could have secret exits (not from people obviously the switches give it away, but from zombies knocking my door in) Now I know that there are easier tricks, lifting your door just off the ground and etc, but this one seems so much cooler to me. So here are some pics to explain what I am talking about. I have wired a three way switch (because I have one in my house, and one exit on either side) to some active block and some dungeon lights. I love it. Sorry if everyone else has already thought …

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