Okay guys. so I've officially gotten every item in the game as of like a week ago. I thought to myself, what now? I looked around for terraria variations on play and didn't find a lot (outside of mods, but i don't wont to bother with mods until they are more or less done updating the actual terraria releases) So I started pondering about a leveling system in which the amount of gold you had indicated your level.

Obvious problems became keeping track of your level if you had to spend any money. So here's my idea. I made the flash that I have uploadedhere. Create a new world and place a piggy bank in it. Start a new character and everytime you place money in the piggy bank, place the same amount in the terraria challenge flash. It's a very simple concept, 1 silver is 1 exp, the flash just helps keep track of it. In order to use anything besides copper items and the basics (torches, glowsticks, etc) In order to build extra rooms and chests you have to level up your building skills. To gain health you have to level your health, you get the idea. I think this will add a bit of a challenge. It needs to be play tested still, I think the amount of money to level might be a bit low but time will tell. I'm also not allowing any potions for myself. Obviously this flash doesn't actually keep you from doing anything so modify the rules how youd like so it's fun for you.

Here are some notes if you plan to use it.

Type in how much money you put in and press the green plus sign to add it to your total experience. (copper only adds anything if its over 50 because 100 copper is 1 exp and I set the copper to just round, I figured copper really isnt adding much and it was just easier for me this way)

I'm not a great programmer so for the save function to load properly the flash file has to be right in your c drive, no where else, as in computer/os(c;/terrariachallenge (sorry for the lack of personalization there)

If you press save you should see a "saved" thing pop up for a couple seconds, if you didn't, it didn't save. Likewise the load button can take two clicks sometimes. dont know why.

Other than that, all functionality (to my knowledge) works perfectly. mousing over any box will tell you how much experience the unlock is and what it "unlocks" for use in the game.

This was mostly for me but I hope some of you decide to try it out and see what you think Have fun. In case you missed the link in the bulk of this post, you can download it here. Please let me know if there are any problems/bugs.