I really love the 1.1 update.

I may not appreciate it as much as others do as I've only been playing Terraria since the 1.0.6 and that got boring fast after I managed to do everything possible. Now it's expanded by a lot I've been finding many things to do and been managing to set up hamachi servers and play with friends which has been great fun.

I love ALL the content that was added in 1.1 and don't think anything needs to be changed. But I was dissapointed in the lack of world expansion. I was really hoping you wouldn't just be roaming around the same places just with more things to interact with. I was hoping you could go into completely new biomes, for exmaple: A space themed biome further up in the sky which you'd have to some how reach. I mean, there is more than plenty of room up there such as the darken sky/space part of the background as you go higher above where the floating islands wouldn't reach. I think it'd be cool to add new 'areas' altogether.

But that's just me.

Back to the 1.1 update though - I really think it was a good update and kept me playing for hours.

x1n8r4.jpg 13:17, December 6, 2011 (UTC)