Hi, i would like peoples opinions on what color scheme or individual colors we should use on the templates, below you will find a few different templates used on the wiki. Any and all opinions welcome. A list of colors can be found here. If you want to suggest a color use some form of color code or the exact name, as just saying blue or red isn't helpful. Thanks

Template:Infobox-Coins (was Template:2)
Template:Infobox:Vanity Item (was Template:1)
Template:Infobox:Armor (was Template:3)

Items Requiring Demonite
Armor Shadow Helmet · Shadow Scalemail · Shadow Greaves
Tools Fisher of Souls · Nightmare Pickaxe · The Breaker · War Axe of the Night
Weapons Demon Bow · Light's Bane · Malaise
Other Demonite Bar · Demonite Brick