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Many unknown Glitches and Bugs

Hellexarus November 10, 2011 User blog:Hellexarus

Dungeon Guardian:

- Decipates you, then waits for you where you spawn

- Spawns after Skeletron was killed

- Spawns in areas that don't have dungeon biome such as: corruption, floating islands, forest, underworld, and stone layer.

- Spawns and dies as soon as it touches you


- Gets stuck in blocks (entirely)

- Doesn't spawn at begging of new world

- Spawns and dies immediatley

Flails (sunfury, blue moon, ball o' hurt):

- Goes through 1 layer of blocks that are underwater

- If teleported in multiplayer and still out, you see a very long chain (depending on where you got teleported)


- Dungeon doesn't spawn

- Day and night enemies spawn switched

- Time stops

Thats all I found while in game.

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