Hello people that are reading this, I have some good ideas for former updates. I'll put some pictures in when I make them.

The Hallow Dungeon

The Hallow Dungeon is like the current dungeon but is much, much harder. First of all, Hardmode MUST be unlocked, and will spawn on the opposite side of the map which the dungeon is at. To enter the dungeon, the player must have a key. This key is called The Key of Souls. It is crafted from 1 shadow key, and 5 of each soul (sight, might, fright, light, night, flight). This is needed to open a massive locked door at the dungeon entrance. The dungeon is made of unbreakable bricks and walls, so it can't be mined. At the very bottom of the dungeon, the player will find a portal. If the player has not yet beaten Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, and The Twins, then they will be warped back to their spawnpoint. This is a good way to prevent players from getting a keystone from multiplayer and bringing it to their own world when they haven't beaten the 3 hardmode bosses. I haven't thought of enemies to be in it but it will most likely be similar to the current dungeon enemies. The portal (if the player has defeated all 3 hardmode bosses) will warp the player to a newly generated world. This world will be started in a mode unlike hardmode (you can't turn hardmode on in this world). It will likely be harder than hardmode, but it's name is unknown at the moment. I'll update this in time.


There will be another dungeon similar to the current dungeon, but named The Temple of Blood Moon. Other than that there will be forest biome, sky, space, hallow, and jungle. There can NOT be a meteor biome for meteors can not spawn. It is possible though to make one by placing 50 meteorite, but meteor heads will not spawn. There are the ussual layers of the world as normal but there will not be hell, because there will be a new biome called The Void. Once the player reaches the end of the stone layer, there will be a left to right side portal covering 3 blocks high and the world width. The player will be warped to a very strange world, and if they do not have a Void Keystone, the Void Guardian will come and destroy the player. There is a new biome called the Mecha Biome. It is a biome that is entirely metal and steel. It is only in the Hallowed world, but is only available once the player has defeated the Void Boss Trio. There will be instead of the Jungle, a Hallowed Jungle. The world will be, pretty much, just about all Hallow. There will be no oceans, because there is going to be another biome replacing it. There will be a Sky Temple on a peculiar looking floating island. There will likely be a portal at the entrance.

Mecha Biome

This biome is all metal. It is only accessable when you defeat the Void boss battle. There are currently 5 enemies that dwell here: Mecha Snatcher, Cannon Bot, Laser Turret, Probe, Mecha Hornet. More mobs will be made. Also, there is a new type of ore that is in the Mecha Biome, and that ore, is Titanium ore. It can make Titanium bars at a Cursed Forge, and the bars can make certain items at a Titanium Anvil: Titanium Plate Legs, Titanium Plate Mail, Titanium Helmet, Titanium Greatsword, Mecha Rifle, Mecha Repeater, Titanium Drill, Titanium Chainsaw, Titanium Hammer, and also a mecha boss summoning item called Mecha Orb. This orb summons Mechatron. Mechatron is a boss only summonable in the Mecha Biome. He has 120 000 Health, attack range of 10 000, defence of 10 000, and is weak to 3 certain weapons: Titanium Greatsword, Mecha Rifle, and Mecha Repeater. They can deal up to 300 damage to him, so it is recommended that the player has these first. Also, due to his attack power, the player MUST have the Titanium armor set. With the armor set, his attacks will not insta-kill the player, because the attack damage is reduced to 110. With the weapons, the defence is reduced to 120. Yes he may be a bit overpowered, but that is the point. I will get a picture of him in former blog updates.

Illuminate Altars

There are Demon Altar alternatives, called Illuminate Altars. They are similar to Demon Altars although they grow on the ceilings and if you don't have a certain type of hammer (not Pwnhammer), then you will get inflicted with the cursed debuff and not take damage like Demon Altars do. They grow in the underground hallow, but only in the other world.


Void: Void Guardian, Void Slime, Void Bat, Void Stinger, Void Eater, Void Skull, Void Skeleton, Void Caster, Void Worm, Void Zombie, Void Wraith. There will be a Tri-boss battle there, although I need some ideas.

Mecha Boime: Cannon Bot, Laser Turret, Mecha Snatcher, Mecha Hornet, Probe. There will be more soon.

Hallow Dungeon: Enchanted Sword, Illuminate Slime, Illuminate Bat, Chaos Elemental. More enemies will come soon.

Hallow Jungle: Illuminate Bat, Illuminate Slime, Illuminate Worm, Illuminate Snatcher, Chaos Elemental, Illuminate Piranha.

Sky: Wyvern, Illuminate Harpy, Enchanted Sword, Enchanted Sky Elemental, Sky Worm.

Sky Temple: Wyvern, Illuminate Slime, Illuminate Bat, Enchanted Sword, Enchanted Sky Elemental, Illuminate Harpy, Illuminate Clinger, Chaos Elemental, Sky Worm.


The following items will ONLY be in the other world: Key of Souls (needed to open locked door at Hallow Dungeon), Void Keystone, titanium ore, Soul of Stone, Soul of Wind, Soul of Thunder, Soul of Ice, Soul of Fire, Soul of Water, Void Keystone. I will make more items soon. There will be a type of brick/block that prevents burrowing or non-solid enemies to pass through.


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More shall come...

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