Hello people, mobs, NPCs, and giant spinning skulls of doom. I've been spriting and stuff, so I decided to put these sprites to use. I am now making a mod!

I don't really know how to code, so I'm asking whoever can on this wiki, if they are interested, to be a part of my team to make these mods. Even though I'm a good spriter...I'd still need spriters, because I can't make every single sprite myself!! (Or could I?)


Pixel Artists



Metroidhunter72 (Not entirely sure yet)

In-game Testers


People to come up with ideas

Hellexarus Stargate500


People to spread the word to anyone that can do any of this stuff



Metroidhunter72(Coder) Murg7 (Pixel Artist)

Kayla Kerr (Pixel Artist)

Comment to Sign up

Just comment to sign up, say what you can do, and if you are able, I'll let you in. Also, any Anons that want to sign up, please make an account before you comment to sign up.