Frost armor

This is the Frost Armor, but as I have just realized it is not pixelated by Toxicmetal09, but is an Elite from the Halo series.

Hey everyone, I have been doing some spriting lately, and I don't know if I would be able to upload it... But I'll try.

Frost Armor

Here we have Frost Armor, I have sprited it to make it look in-game.

Original pic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Here is the in-game helmet I made, I hope you all like it!
Frost Helmet 3

The Helmet

Here is the in-game chainmail I made, I hope you all like it!
Frost Platemail 2

The Chainmail

Here is the in-game leggings I made, I hope you all like it!
Frost Leggings 2

The Leggings

I made a new sword, called it Frostbite. Hope it's apealing!
Frostbite Greatsword

The Frostbite Greatsword.

I don't have any stats yet for the Frost Set, but I'll most likely add that in later...

Cursed Armor

The next spriting I've been doing is Cursed Armor. Before I did Cursed Armor, I did the Cursed Bar. A Cursed Bar can be crafted with 4 Demonite Ore, 6 Ebonstone blocks, 6 Ebonsand Blocks, and 7 Cursed Flames. Thus the Cursed Armor set can be crafted with 225 Cursed Bars. The set consists of The Cursed Hammer (17 bars), the Cursed Chainsaw (13 bars), the Cursed Drill (15 bars), the Cursed Trident (14 bars), the Cursed Blade (11 bars), the Cursed Repeater (11 bars), and the Armor set consists of the Cursed Mask (23 bars), the Cursed Helmet (23 bars), the Cursed Circlet (23 bars), the Cursed Plate Mail (40 bars), and the Cursed Plate Legs (35 bars). For just one headpeice is 179 bars, 225 in total.

Cursed Hammer - Type - tool, sub-type - hammer, 58 Damage, 220% hammer power, Very Fast speed (usetime 7), Crafted with - 17 Cursed Bars, Strong Knockback. Tooltip: 'Do not drop in Underground Corruption.' Can inflict the Cursed debuff.

Cursed Chainsaw - Type - tool, sub-type - chainsaw, 60 Damage, 180% axe power, Very Fast speed (usetime 6), Crafted with - 13 Cursed Bars, Very Weak Knockback. Tooltip: 'May anger Dryads.' Can inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff.

Cursed Drill - Type - tool, sub-type - drill, 35 Damage, 220% pickaxe power, Insanely Fast speed (usetime 4), Crafted with - 15 Cursed Bars, Very Weak Knockback. Tooltip: 'Never use in the Hallow!' Can inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff.

Cursed Sword - Type - Weapon, sub-type - Sword, 65 Damage, Very Fast speed (usetime 7), Continueous attack - yes, Crafted with - 11 Cursed Bars, Average Knockback. Tooltip: 'A blade of pure Corruption.' Can inflict the Cursed debuff.

Cursed Trident - Type - Weapon, sub-type - Spear, 62 Damage, Fast speed (usetime 10), Continueous attack - no, Crafted with - 14 Cursed Bars, No Knockback. Tooltip: 'Perfect for "ebonizing" enemies!'

Cursed Repeater - Type - Weapon, sub-type - Repeater, 59 Damage, Very Fast speed (usetime 7), Continueous attack - yes, Crafted with - 11 Cursed Bars, Weak Knockback. Tooltip: 'Counter Hallow with range.'

Cursed Helmet/Circlet/Mask - Type - Headpiece, Defence - (helmet - 26, Circlet - 12, Mask - 13), Set bonus: Helmet - 20% Melee speed & damage increase, Mask - 30% Range damage increase & 40% chance not to consume ammo, Circlet - 35% Magic damage increase, +120 mana.

Cursed Plate Mail - 24 Defence, give's off a bright green light, can inflict Cursed, Cursed Inferno upon contact.

Cursed Plate Legs - 20 Defence, +15% movement speed, allows extra jump.
Cursed Sword

Cursed Sword

Cursed Bar - Material, Used to craft the Cursed Set. Tooltip: 'Pusling with the ultimate darkness...' Darkfury - The ultimate Greatsword, it is crafted with 30 Cursed Bars, 20 Demonite Bars, and the Cursed Sword at a Titan-Ice Anvil. It is continueous attack, Base damage is 71, can inflict Darkness, Cursed, and Stunned (New Buff I plan on adding). Usetime is 8. Tooltip: 'The ultimate greatsword.'

Darkfury - Type - Weapon, sub-type - Greatsword, 69 Damage, Fast speed (usetime 9), Continueous attack - yes, Crafted with 60 Cursed Bars, Greatsword of Magma, Fiery Greatsword, Night's Edge, Muramasa, Frostbite Greatsword, Light's Bane, Demon's Bane, Blade of Grass, Jungle Thornblade, 30 Souls of Night, 30 Souls of Might, at a Cursed Anvil, Extremely Strong Knockback. Tooltip: 'The ultimate greatsword.'


Darkfury, the ultimate greatsword. (Sprited before I got my account.)

Cursed Bar

Cursed Bar

Cursed Greathammer

The Cursed Hammer. As you can see it looks like the Cursed Hammer from the Underground Corruption, but without the effects.


All I got so far, I'll add pics later. Hope you liked my ideas! :D