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    HERO's Video Policy Ideas.

    February 12, 2012 by HeroGaming

    This blog is a duplicate and has been removed

    Everyone is invited to join the discussion on Videos at Video Policy Discussion.

    In order to keep the conversation together, and ensure everyone has the same opportunity to be heard, all comments should be added to the main discussion page. Please read the conversation there so far, and copy over any comments you want to be considered.

    Thanks -- sannse (help forum | blog) 00:24, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

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    ive beat all the bosses like 20 different ways what else to do besides building and bosses? Trying to think of some stuff while the team is working on the mod.

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    The community has voted.

    January 30, 2012 by HeroGaming

    The Community has voted. This vote shows exactly what the community wants and it was placed on the front page for all to see, not hidden away for malicious purposes. The poll was taken down because the outcome was more than obvious in both polls by thousands of votes and we don't need this negative business on the front page forever.

    I will be looking for a few new admins over the next week or so to help out on the wiki. This wiki isn't a one man job its a team, so I will be looking for a few good admins who are team oriented and their goals are to have fun helping on a wiki for a game they love.

    Our wiki has grown very large. I would like to think I have played a very big role in that by sending thousands of people here from youtube. I show…

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    2 sides to every story.

    January 29, 2012 by HeroGaming

    Below is conversation with a user on the forum. It helps bring to light what i have done for the wiki, the closed doors conversations, attempts to rig voting by having conversations off the wiki, and the fact that i was slandered by lies of the former admins. They disguised their intentions as trying to help the wiki but in reality they were just trying to gain control of the wiki by fake voting and by lying about my doing fundraisers using the wiki, which in reality was completely reversed. I donated money to the wiki for t-shirts. Some users might remember a live stream where a few people donated money to me for a plane ticket to japan which had nothing to do with the wiki. One user donated a very large amount to me. Basically the former…

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    Me and Terraria.

    January 28, 2012 by HeroGaming

    Hi guys i just wanted to clear up who i am and what i do and have done for the wiki.

    • i am the wikis bcrat
    • i oversee adding new admins.
    • i work with the terraria developers. (i talk with them about bugs and am currently eveloping a mod for terraria with thier approval)
    • i produce videos for the wiki that have good thumbnails and good content that link back to our wiki through youtube.
    • i built this wiki up to the point it was at by sending traffic here. i helped the wiki pass the officail wiki in google rankings by doing this.
    • i work closely with the devs an know alot about future plans for the game.

    I have clocked more ingame hours than anyone else. i have 2634 hours as of right now the devs say i have the record.

    all of my videos on the wiki link ba…

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