It has come to my attention the the goal of the greifers is to make fake accounts and clean up their greifing with those account to make it look like they are helping the wiki.

their goal is to get promoted on the wiki.

Lets be clear their will not be any admins added, none. So all your scams are for nothing.

so whats the point? you have to be contributing to the wiki for hundreds of hours before something like that would happen. the only 2 people promoted in 2 months where HeroGaming 00:12, June 23, 2011 (UTC) and Osculate osculate has made thousands of edits and put in huge amounts of effort and i have spent literally hundreds of hours editing the videos for the wiki.

i can assure you all your gonna have to do alot more than cleaning up your own griefing to be promoted.

and those who are actually helping are giving rollback after we are 100% sure they are helping.

infact im gonna say that their will be no admins made within the next month on principle just to make sure no one sneaks their way in.