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Gurrwood's Fish Bowl Challenge

"I give you... The Fish Bowl Challange! Step 1: On another character, acquire a fishbowl and a breathing reed and place them in a chest in one of your maps. Step 2: Make a new character and jump into the map and get the fishbowl and the reed. Step 3: Put the fishbowl on your head (equip slot, not social slot) and the reed on a hotkey (I recommend slot 1) Step 4: Make a new map and play the game. NEVER TAKE THE FISHBOWL OFF YOUR HEAD! Step 5: Acquire all the best/hardest to acquire gear in the game with a fishbowl on your head (Bear minimum: Ivy Whip, Jungle Armor, Sunfury, Molten Armor, Rocket Boots, Kobalt Shield, Muramasa, Star Cannon, Phoenix Blaster)." - Gurrwood

Lets see if I can get my video recording program to work and you might see me actually doing this.

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