• Hyradd

    Wall of Flesh

    June 15, 2012 by Hyradd

    I defeated the Wall of Flesh yesterday and decided to quit right after, when I logged in today, very powerful monsters were spawing because of the Hardmode... and they completely dominated me. So this is kinda of an advice, don't be prepared for the Wall of Flesh... but for what comes after it, I died 5-6 times to defeat some demon altars and died 20-25 times before I got my first Cobalt item, and this took me alot of time. I killed the Wall of Flesh on my second attempt, so in my opinion the Wall of Flesh is not that hard compared to all the monsters in Hardmode. My best tactic in Hardmode is, rush into the corruption and break that demon altars with the pwnhammer, bring some pots to heal when you're low, but the chance of surviving is fa…

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