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  • IEatPie

    Terraria - Game Idea

    April 5, 2014 by IEatPie

    Hello Terrarians!

    I have an de-buff idea for Terraria, It is called 'Rope Burn' You get it by falling down somewhere high and grab on to a piece of Rope while you fall.

    The affect on it is you will lose 2/5 Defense and it lasts for 5 minutes or so. To avoid it you obtain a piece of equipment called something like 'Padded Gloves' I don't know maybe a better name, but anyways tell me what do you think about it in the comments!

    Don't hate if it's bad I just want to give out some ideas!

    Thanks, guys :D

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  • IEatPie

    The Crimson/Corruption

    April 2, 2014 by IEatPie

    Hello Terrarians!

    I was wondering how do you find out early Which biome you have in your world. (The Crimson or the Corruption) so I heard that when you create a new world it says all the loading things and you can know which biome you have (Corruption/Crimson) Because if it says Making your world Evil = You have the corruption.

    Is this true? I would really like to find out, Thanks.

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