• IMINIMoNSter

    Ok so really som people on everyplay were like HEY! How do you get the terraria IOS cheatkeyboard? Well first you just need to double tap the pause button insanely fast the a screen pops up. It will have "cheatkeyboard" "floating(two times)" "free movement(two times)" and other stuff. So you want to tap the cheatkeyboard option. Then your greeted with a keyboard. Hello mr. Keyboard! You want to type help it the keybord the press ENTER. A list of commands will pop up. My favorite commands: godmode:infanate health and mana (good for show cases on like youtube) light: you can see the underground very well and thats it! You can type in any command in the help text list and the "item" option you need to type in item then the Item ID of and item…

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