Mon ey

This is probally the best way of money farming, although i could use money statues.

Hi guys, welcome to my money farming blog.

So here i am showing you guys the best way of money farming.

The image was from let's say a half blood moon night of standing.

Things you need to build this farm:

  • 2 Pressure plates
  • Some wire, Wrench and wire cutter
  • Bucket of lava
  • Crab statue
  • Bunny, goldfish statues

So when you have build this farm, just wait for the blood moon to rise.

The blood moon will make the bunnys and goldfish corrupt, which allows you to gain lots of money.

For every goldfish statue, you will get like 20 silver every second (2 crab eniges on 1 statue). Which gives you over a whole night of 9 minutes 10800 silver (1 platinum & 8 gold)

The bunnys are different coins everytime, so cant be calced..