Death Biome

Now, what if there was a Death biome? I have details on getting there, and what you're supposed to do, but i don't have all the sprites finished yet. You can only get there if there is more than one player in the map.

How To Get There

How you get there is when fighting skeletons, there is a 0.1% (1/10) chance that you will get Death's cloak. It is a hat that, when you equip it, you will be put in a large cage. Someone says, "How dare you wear that! No matter, how about we take a little trip to my domian." If you are alone, he will add, "What!? You are brave enough to do this alone!? I'll let you off the hook, this time, but when you invite your friends over, the trip will begin." If you have more than one person at this map, you will be taken to the Death Realm, and your friends will be teleported to the start.

What To Do

Your friends will go through a maze, and try to save you. When they make it to Death's castle, they can choose to come in at day or night. If day, they will have to fight Death himself, and if they fail, they will be thrown out of the castle. If they win, one of you will get his cloak at random. If night, they will have to sneak in and free you from your room.

You have to stay in a sealed room. During day, all you can do is build things, because if you walk out the door, you will be thrown back in. But during night, Death won't be there. You can try to sneak out. If you succed, you will have to find your friends, and get out of there before daytime. If it becomes daytime before you are gone, a big message will pop up on the screen that says,"(character name) IS GONE!!!" Say there are 3 players (including you) there will be three flying skeletons. They will try to grab each player. If they grab one of your friends, they will continue to chase you, only one of them is holding that player, with the player no longer being able to attack. If they catch you, they will drop your friends and retreat back to the castle. They have 300 health.

Note: The only way to keep Death's cloak is to defeat him in a battle. The cloak will then have 10 defense, and 20% increased magic attack.

'Hope you liked this!'