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  • Im Goldy G

    Well hi, this is my first blog. I think I'm doing this right.. Well I decided to blog about this blood moon thing in terraria. I am a noob, for I have been playing ffor a few hours. I see this red message on my screen announcing the moon, and the guide in my house opens the doors in my home, lol. So i get rushed by these zombies, and I die roughly 10 times. I tried to fall through my mine (dropping down through platforms, but zombies fell faster than me.. -.-) and well I got k0ed. After a few minutes of getting bent, I placed platforms inside of the doors to make them un openable. I think I learned my lesson... Never invite the guide in your home, place platforms on exit doors :D

    A working class hero is something to be. 03:52, July 12, 201…

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