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    Crafting Systems

    October 8, 2011 by Instinctjosh

    Hey people this blog is about the different crafting systems.

    Hey readers im going to tell you about the different crafting systems first as you all now the basic crafting systems are workbench,anvil,and the furnace. Those three items make up the first crafting system there is. the workbench allows you to make more items if you enter you inventory and go close to it. The work bench only needs i believe u need about 10 wood im not sure but go check it out with gracey91 or go to the crafting recipe wiki for more information. The anvil is diiferent purely iron you will need 3 iron ore to make 1 iron bar sand you need 5 iron bars to make the anvil so that means you will probaly need 15 iron ore to make a anvil. to make a anvil smelt the bars wi…

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  • Instinctjosh

    Terraria (Bosses)

    October 7, 2011 by Instinctjosh

    Hey people this is a blog about the bosses on Terraria

    Ok the first boss in Eye Of Cathulu he is a gigantic eyeball who actually has a mouth built inside but to summon him get 10 lenses from then go to demon alter and turn the lenses into a suspicious eyeball then summon him by right clicking the eyeball when you make it and you summon him he drops nothing but demonite. The second boss is the 60 ft worm Eater Of Worlds who is a slithering vagabond who hates everybody its kinda different to summon him you can do two ways get vile mushrooms and rotten chunks and combine to make worm food and the other is break three shadow orbs without a problem but be careful because the eater of souls will try their best to kill you before you awaken him.…

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  • Instinctjosh

    Hey people i made this article to tell you people about the different terrain in [Terraria]

    The first type of terrain you will encounter is pretty much the surface when you spawn there is nothing but bunnys and slimes (daylight monsters) and the (night time monsters) are zombie and demoneye mostly unless you encounter a event called [Bloodmoon] which is pretty suckish because all the monsters swarm you in groups and theres a rare monster called (The Groom) it looks like a zombie with a top hat so be mindful if you see one if you kill it it will drop the hat. there are many different things like underground they are three layers (terrains) such as a cavern normal find is pots and maybe 2 or 3 chests so be watchful and then there is the mushr…

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  • Instinctjosh

    Hey people im here to tell you guys how to start your first day in terraria whoever haves the game or whoever wants it .

    The first thing you get when you spawn is a copper pickaxe and a normal axe (update include copper shortsword) but lets no get to that the pickaxe as you know mines crap and you can mine anything accept for ebonstone and hellstone including demonite a type of ore that you need a nightmare pickaxe for but the thing is in order to make it you will need shadow scales and demonite bars you get when you anvil demonite ore to bars but the basics i told you already you get the pickaxe and axe the you start with get you axe out with 2 or scroll with mouse scroller otherwise use keypads so get the axe find the nearest trees and ch…

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